Thinking of rooting your device? Can’t decide whether or not to go through with the root? Today, we’re going to help make your decision easier by giving you 3 reasons to root and 3 reasons not to root.

3 Reasons to Root Android

3) It’s Like Getting Admin Mode on Windows

After you root Android, you’ll have the ability to bestow “superuser” permissions upon any app. This is akin to running an app as an administrator in Windows. You become the gatekeeper for your phone’s internal files. Let apps you trust access those files, and then prevent untrusted apps from going anywhere near your internal files.

This makes rooted Android nearly as secure as vanilla Android (as long as you know which apps to trust and which ones not to trust). Some of the cool things you can do with root-only apps include:

-Use apps like Titanium Backup to backup everything on your device (every single byte of data)

supersu android

-Remotely access and control your phone over the internet

-Manually backup app and game data so you can transfer it to another phone

-Install ad-blocking software that blocks advertisements at the root level of your phone, which means you’ll never see ads in your browser, games, or apps again

-Overclock and underclock Android performance to control battery life levels

Put simply, there are hundreds of amazing root-only apps you can install. Rooting gives you instant access to all of these apps and vastly expands the utility of your device.

2) Run Custom ROMs

Running a custom ROM is like installing a brand new skin, theme, and OS on your phone at the same time. Some custom ROMs make minor changes to your phone, while others vastly overhaul the entire UI and make it feel like you got a brand new phone.

cyanogenmod 2

The best part about custom ROMs is that many of them are updated more frequently than your phone’s actual official Android builds. Who has time to wait for your carrier and manufacturer to figure things out anymore? With Android custom ROMs, you can get a phone that looks exactly the way you like it.

1) Free Up Internal Storage

This is one of the most popular benefits of rooting Android: you can free up vast amounts of internal storage space. Wipe out unwanted bloatware apps and delete data that you never, ever needed to have.


Best of all, you can do this safely by following device-specific guides online. There are even certain bloatware killing apps out there that will safely remove bloatware data from your device.

3 Reasons Not to Root Android

3) There’s Always the Potential to Brick It

With a few risky clicks, your Android can go from a high-end computer to a really expensive brick. Fortunately, modern rooting methods have improved by leaps and bounds over the methods used in days gone by. Today, we have fully automated software like One Click Root that actually guarantees not to brick your Android device while safely rooting it.

bricked android

If you follow instructions closely online and don’t have something disastrous happened during the root – say, like a home power outage – then you have nothing to worry about.

2) You Usually Void your Phone’s Warranty

The moment you root your device, you void your phone’s warranty. That means even if something goes wrong on your device that had nothing to do with you, you’ll still end up paying the company for repairs (they won’t cover it).


Psst. Depending on your device, you may be able to get around this problem by simply unrooting your device. Samsung has gotten smarter about detecting these changes, but other device manufacturers don’t have the tools needed to track the unroot.

1) Everyone Else Will Start Asking You to Root Their Androids

This “con” is a real problem: once your friends see how cool your new rooted Android device is, then they might start asking you to root their devices for them. If you’re a nice friend, then you’ll do it for free and make everyone happy. If you’re a smart friend, then you’ll start charging them and build your own little business.

In any case, rooting Android is an easy and effective way to expand its usability and maximize the potential of your device. There’s never been a better time to root than now because it’s safer than ever before.

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