Android Marshmallow will be rolling out to devices just like yours over the next few months. The latest major Android update introduces a wide range of changes and features.

Here are 5 reasons to get excited about Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

The Best Copy, Paste, and Cut Options Android Has Ever Seen

Copying and pasting has always been a bit of a crapshoot on mobile devices. Have you ever successfully copied and pasted text on a touchscreen on the first try without messing up? I haven’t.

cut copy share android marshmallow

Making matters worse is that Android uses small icons that pop up after you highlight text. What do those icons do? You just have to guess and check – there’s no explanation.

With Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Android developers have improved the copy and paste experience. Instead of guessing what each icon means, you’ll see a larger menu with the words “cut, copy, paste, share” over each icon – so you don’t have to guess anymore.

Automatic Daily App Backups

This feature is one that isn’t being talked about very much – even by Google. However, it can be an absolute lifesaver when the virtual Grim Reaper comes to call on your device.

marshmallow backup

If your device ever dies, then Android Marshmallow will have automatically backed up all your progress via Google Drive. These backups occur daily and include app data, settings, and progress.

The only major restriction with this is that it has a maximum file size of 25MB. Backups will also only take place over Wi-Fi and when a charger is connected.

With Marshmallow, you’ll be able to perform a factory reset and then restore all your progress in various games.

Surprisingly, this doesn’t just back up Google Play Store apps: it backs up side-loaded apps and even third-party apps you might have downloaded from Amazon.

Customize App Permissions

Out of all the Marshmallow features, this is the one that is likely to have the biggest impact on your security.

android marshmallow features 2

Finally, Android lets you select which parts of your phone your app has access to. Why does that weird mobile game you just downloaded want to read through every text you ever sent? Why is Facebook Messenger listening to your microphone?

With Marshmallow, you can use the Application Manager to turn off certain app permissions while still being able to use the app.

Turning off app permissions is as easy as touching a slider to turn that permission on or off.

You can also control app permissions when you install a certain app.

Better Battery Life Through Android Doze

Android’s Doze feature could be the biggest change to battery life we’ve seen on Android in years.

Think of Doze like an unrooted version of Greenify or Juice Defender. Just like these apps, Doze will freeze certain apps when they’re not in use.

Better yet, you don’t have to do anything to activate Doze. It will simply notice when you haven’t used your phone in a long time. Once your phone is found to be in “idle” mode (say, when you’re sleeping), it will restrict performance and app usage to boost battery life overnight.

This won’t have an enormous impact on your battery life during usage. It will, however, have a big impact on your battery life when it’s not in use – say, when you’re sleeping or when your phone is in your pocket at work.

android marshmallow features

One Redditor claims his phone used just 1% battery life in Marshmallow while sitting out all night.

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