Google’s Pixel 3 is officially one of the hottest phones of the year. The phone is packed with so many features, however, that it can be difficult to know where to start.

Today, Search 4 Roots want to help. We’re highlighting some of the best Pixel 3 features you weren’t aware existed.

5) Super Wide Selfie Mode

The Pixel 3 has the best camera in the industry, so it makes sense that it would take the best selfies in the industry. Many users are surprised to learn, however, just how good their Pixel 3 selfies can be.

The Pixel 3’s front camera has an incredible 8MP of resolution and an f/1.8 aperture. It even comes with portrait mode. But my favorite Pixel 3 selfie feature is the ultra-wide view selfie.

Just switch to the front facing camera, then pinch to zoom out. Your camera will zoom out to a ridiculously far angle. It’s like having a selfie stick in the palms of your hands. Seriously – it’s magical.

4) It Can Swim Underwater

Phone manufacturers don’t like to advertise water and dust resistance. They’re worried about users pushing phones to their limits and breaking them. It’s understandable.

Google might have downplayed the Pixel 3’s water and dust resistance ratings, but we won’t: the Pixel 3 has an IP68 dust and water resistance rating, up from last year’s IP67 rating.

There’s a big difference between being rated a “7” on the IP water-resistance scale and an “8”. Basically, the IP68 rating on the Pixel 3 means that you do not have to worry about dust or water entering your phone in most normal situations.

If you’re brave, you can even take your phone swimming. The “8” in the IP68 rating means that your phone has been certified to survive under 5 feet of water for approximately 30 minutes without issue.

We don’t recommend trying that at home. However, when disaster strikes and you get caught in the rain or thrown into a pool, your phone shouldn’t fall victim. That’s a nice upgrade from last year.

3) You Don’t Have to Use Flash Ever Again with Night Mode

Night Mode makes the Pixel 3 the best dark light camera phone in existence – and the competition isn’t close. Night Mode allows the sensor on the Pixel 3 to utilize light more efficiently than any other smartphone camera in existence. It’s amazing.

Google’s “Night Mode” is only going to get better over time. Eventually, Google claims its night vision camera on the Pixel 3 will reach a point where we don’t need to use the flash – ever.

One of the most surprising things about Night Mode, however, is that it’s going to come to the Pixel and Pixel 2 via a software upgrade – so it won’t just be your Pixel 3 that gets the upgrade.

2) Take Better Photos Automatically with Top Shot

You may have seen Google’s commercials for Top Shot. Surprisingly, the feature seems to work just as well in practice as it does in the commercials.

Top Shot will capture a bunch of photos every time you take a photo. Then, Google’s AI will pick what it believes is the best photo. It’s kind of like Apple’s Live Photo, but it’s more useful and less creepy.

If you frequently take photos of people with their eyes closed, then Top Shot is a lifesaver. Honestly, it’s almost difficult to take a bad photo on the Pixel 3 – that’s how effective Top Shot can be.

1) Wireless Charging is Extra Cool on the Pixel 3

You already know about wireless charging. It’s been around for years. 2018, however, is the year wireless charging was embraced by mainstream phone manufacturers.

One of the best examples of that is the Google Pixel Stand. It’s a wireless charger that sits on your desk, displaying your phone at the perfect angle for your convenience. Without wires, the Google Pixel Stand will charge your phone from 0% to 100% in 2 hours. It’s fast wireless charging like you’ve never seen it before.

But that’s not even the cool part of the Google Pixel Stand. The wireless charger turns your phone into a Google Home smart-speaker and a Google Home Hub smart display, making it easy to control your world without taking your phone away from the charger. You can display photos automatically when your phone is on the charger. Or, you can have your phone scroll through your favorite photos or a specific album.

The Google Pixel Stand is priced at $109.

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