Have you been jealous of your friends’ rainbow spewing, watery-eyed Snapchat selfies lately? Today, I’m helping you become a Snapchat master by revealing my top 5 favorite Snapchat tricks for Android.

5) Add Someone in Seconds Using the QR Code

The QR code is one of those things you’ve probably seen in Snapchat but rarely used. Your Snapchat account is associated with a unique QR code. If you ever want someone to add you, just bring up that QR code (open Snapchat and swipe up), then have them point their Snapchat camera at your screen. They should add you instantly.

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4) Mess Around with your Text

You can add multicolored text to your snaps or even twirl your text around. Tap the “T” in the top right corner for different styles of text. Then, make individual words or letters different colors by long-pressing on the color palette. You can also orient your text diagonally by tapping and holding either end of the text, then spinning it however you like.

3) Learn What Those Hearts and Emoji Faces Beside Names Mean

If you’ve been wondering why your partner’s been mad at you the last few weeks, maybe it’s because he or she has figured out what all those hearts mean beside your Snapchat names. Maybe they’re wondering why you’re not best friends with each other on Snapchat and have the distinctive emoji to prove it.

These emoji symbols range from hearts to smiley faces with sunglasses. Snapchat doesn’t keep these things secret – they’re happy to explain what each one means. Some of the notable snapchat emoji meanings include:


Other emoji meanings not listed include:

-Fire Symbol: You’ve snapped this person several days in a row. The fire will disappear if you go one full day without snapping them.

-Gold Star: Gold stars mean that someone has replayed your snap.

-Baby: The baby symbol appears beside contacts you’ve just recently added to Snapchat.

Snapchat says these symbols are a fun way to learn a little more about your friends. But they can also be dangerous for relationships. Be careful out there.

2) Use the Selfie Lenses

The latest Snapchat update introduced some weird selfie filters. To check out those filters yourself, open Snapchat and switch to the front-facing camera. Long-press your face until you see a grid appear across your face. Then, you should see a range of different lenses across the bottom. Scroll through those lenses and perform the actions like “raising your eyebrows” or “opening your mouth”. Have fun.

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Photo Courtesy of Business Insider

Snapchat is being extremely ADD about its selfie lenses and swaps them around every few days. So if you see one you like, you better save a few selfies with it because it could be gone tomorrow.

1) Customize your Settings

Snapchat’s settings menu isn’t very extensive, but it does have a few features you might find useful.

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You can turn on front-facing flash, for example, which flashes white across the screen when you take a selfie. You can also activate filters from the settings menu. My personal favorite is Travel Mode, which reduces Snapchat’s mobile data usage by preventing Snaps and Stories from automatically loading when you’re on-the-go (you tap to load each one individually).

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