At this point, you’ve already heard about Pokemon Go – or played it.

But you might not know how much danger you’re in while playing Pokemon Go.

It’s true! Contrary to what you might think, playing Pokemon Go can be dangerous for your online security. Today, we’re going to help you stay safe. Here are 5 easy tips you can use to stay safe while playing Pokemon Go:

5) Change your Google or Apple Account Password to Something Stronger

When Pokemon Go first came out, there was some controversy over how the app used your account information. Developer Niantic has since resolved that controversy – but that doesn’t mean you should get complacent.

Make sure your Google or Apple account has a strong password. You should also activate two factor authentication while you’re at it. This is a general tip for anything related to online security – but there’s a reason we see it repeated all over the internet.

4) Avoid Downloading Any Pokemon Go-Related Apps

Anytime a popular app is released, hundreds of imitators and scammy apps appear on app stores. These scammy apps typically take advantage of the brand name to promote their own products or scams.

Unless you know 100% for sure that a Pokemon Go-related app is legit and safe, you should probably avoid downloading it. Our next tip is even more important.


3) Don’t Try to Download Versions of Pokemon Go Outside the Official App Store

We get it: Pokemon Go isn’t available in your country, so you need to download it from somewhere else to start playing. There are a few legitimate links out there that will download the official version of the game for free. Make sure you get that link from a reputable source. Ideally, test the link out on a dummy device before you put it on your daily driver.

Many people have fallen victim to free Pokemon Go downloads. Instead of downloading the real game, these apps download illegitimate software, malware, or advertisements on the device.

2) Avoid Free Pokemon Go Goodie Sites and Apps

Basically, just avoid anything with the words “free” and “Pokemon Go” in the title. Whether it’s free PokeCoins or free gear like lures, nobody gives stuff like this away for free online. Don’t fall victim to something so dumb.

The problem with scams like this is that many of them target unsuspecting Android users – like kids who are playing Pokemon Go and may not have access to a credit card they can use to buy more in-game items.

1) Don’t Use your Debit or Credit Card to Buy In-Game Goodies

This one is tough to avoid but nonetheless important. Don’t use your debit or credit card to buy in-game goodies. Instead, use prepaid credit cards or gift cards. Google and Apple actually both offer these – so you don’t even need to visit your bank to get one.

This can save you from someone using your app to make unauthorized purchases. It also limits the number of people who have access to something as important as your credit card info.

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