Samsung users have had split screen functionality for years. The rest of the Android world, however, is just getting their first split screen experience with Android N.

Do you like the idea of split screen but need an excuse to use it? Here are 5 great reasons to use Android’s new split-screen technology.

5) Take Pictures and Watch Them Appear in your Gallery

Want to see exactly what your pictures look like without switching to a new window? It’s easy to split your camera and gallery app on the same screen. You can watch your photos instantly appear in your gallery. Open pictures to zoom in, then take another picture if you don’t like how that one turned out.

4) Film Yourself While Leaving Notepad Open

Maybe you’re a hostage who’s being forced to read a note. Or maybe you’re just a YouTuber who is trying to remember what to say to your subscribers. In any case, one of the most useful things about split-screen functionality is being able to film yourself with your video camera while leaving your notepad app open. You can read off a script without looking down at your lap or noticeably looking away from your phone’s screen.

In fact, if your script is on the same side of the phone as your camera, then your eyes will hardly move to read the script.

3) Split YouTube with Any App to Ignore Advertisements

Google is obviously going to keep trying to shove YouTube Red down our throats. One of the ways it does that is by allowing YouTube Red users to run YouTube in the background while using other apps.

Well, non-Red users can now do pretty much the same thing by splitting YouTube in split-screen mode. Split YouTube while you’re watching an advertisement and avoid wasting your time watching another T-Mobile commercial.

2) Split your Contacts List and Social Media

Want to add someone to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram but keep forgetting their email address? Split your contacts list – or wherever their email address is saved – with your social media platform on the other screen.

I don’t know about you, but I frequently have to switch back and forth when I’m entering names or numbers from my contacts list. With split-screen, you’ll feel like less of an idiot.

1) Split your Music Player and Fitness App

How many times do you switch back and forth between your music player and fitness app in an average run, bike, or walk? Split-screen lets you display these apps side by side so you know exactly which song is playing and you know exactly how many miles you’ve traveled. It’s so simple – why haven’t we had this feature before?

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