Summer 2015 is almost here and that means new adventures await. Rooting Android is an adventure in itself – and there’s never been a better time to root than summer 2015.

5) Save Battery Life for Those Long Summer Days

How many memories have you missed because your phone died? On those long summer days and road trips, your phone might not last from sunrise to sunset.

This is a particular problem on older phones with aging batteries. If your phone lasts for just 6-8 hours of average use, then you might be ready to give up and buy a new phone.

But Android rooting can add 1 to 4 hours of battery life onto your phone. After rooting, you can restrict CPU and GPU cycles when not needed. Underclocking your phone lets you save performance for when you need it most.

Meanwhile, apps like Greenify work better on rooted devices. These apps effectively freeze background tasks, which means your phone isn’t wasting battery life unnecessarily.

4) Remove Bloatware to Make More Room for Apps and Pictures

One of the biggest – and most valid – complaints against Android is its bloatware problem. All Android phones come preloaded with some type of bloatware. Samsung is particularly bad for this.

This bloatware can only be removed by rooting your device. After rooting your device, you can clear out hundreds of megabytes of unwanted apps. That means more room for pictures, videos, and apps – three things you’ll need to get through summer.

3) Flash a Custom ROM For a Totally New Phone

Technically, you don’t need root access to flash a custom ROM. You do, however, need to unlock the bootloader, which is the first thing you do prior to rooting your device.

Custom ROMs are new and improved versions of Android made by independent developers. They’re customized versions of the Android operating system that provide a refreshing new change. Some custom ROMs let you enjoy the latest version of Android before it’s released onto your device. Other custom ROMs specialize in usability or battery life savings.

2) Install Any Apps

Rooting Android gives you access to a new world of apps. You know on the Google Play Store how you’ll see a warning that says “This App Cannot Be Installed On Your Device”?  Rooted Android users never have to see that.

It’s also easier to sideload apps on rooted Android devices. Plus, you get access to a whole new world of root-only Android apps.

If you want to use your Android to its full potential and install any app you want, then you need to root. It’s as simple as that.

1) Because It’s Easier than It’s Ever Been Before

In the early days of Android, rooting your phone typically meant following some vague instruction guide online. You had to download weird .exe files and scripts from shady Russian websites. It was a risky process that led to the bricking of many good Android phones.

Today, things have changed. Android rooting software can be found all across the internet. It’s easier than ever to root your phone – and that means there’s no better time than summer 2015 to discover the world of rooting Android.

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