BlackBerry has chosen to abandon its BB10 operating system in favor of Android. The upcoming BlackBerry Priv will be BlackBerry’s first major Android release – and it’s actually looking like a decent smartphone.

Miss your old BlackBerry? Here are 5 reasons why the BlackBerry Priv could be your next smartphone.

1) It Has a Physical Keyboard

BlackBerry has realized that one of the biggest selling features on their devices is the physical keyboard. Some people – like me – have fingers that are just too big to accurately type on a virtual keyboard. That’s the only thing I miss about my old BlackBerry.

blackberry priv

On the BlackBerry Priv, you can choose to use a virtual keyboard on the touchscreen. Or, you can slide out a physical keyboard to type the way you like.

2) A Large, Modern, HD Screen

BlackBerry has always taken a unique approach to screens. The older BlackBerry devices had unique, square-ish resolutions. And then there was last year’s BlackBerry Passport that was literally shaped like a square.

Finally, with the Priv, BlackBerry is making a display that actually looks like a modern smartphone. The Priv features a 5.4-inch dual-curved display with a full HD resolution of 1080×1920. When you fold in the physical keyboard, it looks just like a modern smartphone.

blackberry priv 3

The display is similar in size to other larger flagships – including this year’s iPhone 6S Plus, the OnePlus 2, and the LG G4.

The larger size should make the BlackBerry Priv a favorite among those who use their devices for productivity-related tasks.

3) Large Battery

The Priv would have one of the largest batteries in the Android flagship world. That battery would be 3,410 mAh in size. That’s huge compared to Priv’s competitors.

The iPhone 6S Plus, for example, has a 2,915 mAh battery. The Galaxy S6 Edge has a 2,6000 mAh battery. The only flagship that comes close to the Priv is the LG G4, which has a 3,000 mAh battery.

Of course, large battery size isn’t always related to longer battery life. Maybe BlackBerry included the massive battery because the Priv is poorly optimized for efficiency? Until we get our hands on the device, we won’t know for sure.

But I can’t be the only one who misses when my old BlackBerry would last for 3 days on a single charge. Those were the days.

4) High Security

BlackBerry has always been famous for its security. On the Priv, security will take center stage. BlackBerry has hinted that the company’s famous enterprise security platform will be hardcoded into all corners of the device – kind of like Samsung’s Knox or the ultra-secure Blackphone 2.

blackberry priv 4

Of course, these security features will likely make the Priv difficult to root – which could be a good or bad thing. It’s bad for anyone who wants to customize their device, but it’s good for anyone who favors security over total freedom.

5) It’s a BlackBerry with Android

I was a big fan of BlackBerry until I realized that my friends kept getting cooler and cooler apps on their phones. Once I started to look for these apps on the BlackBerry App Store, I realized they were nowhere to be found. I switched to Android.

blackberry priv 5

A BlackBerry with good build quality, an excellent camera (we don’t know anything about camera specs yet), and full access to Android apps could be a real winner.

The BlackBerry Priv will be released on November 6, 2015 and is expected to retail for $890 USD (£579.99, $1,125 CAD, $1,200 AUD)

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