It’s a new month, and that means it’s a good time to download new Android apps. Whether you’re looking for games, productivity tools, or payment platforms, we’ve come up with 6 essential Android apps to download in May 2017.

1) Android Pay

Android Pay is the best Android payment app for non-Samsung Android users. The app continues to improve. Today, Android Pay allows users to add any card from a participating bank (which includes most major US banks). You can also add rewards cards to the app. The next time you walk out of your house with just your phone, you won’t feel stranded without your wallet.

Download Android Pay for free today here.

2) Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is one of those apps that everyone should install on their Android. It’s a simple app that you may never need to use. But if you do need to use it, it will be a lifesaver. The app lets you locate your Android device just like the browser-based Android Device Manager. However, it also gives you additional features – like the ability to erase your device, request a password, and other tools that can be useful if you lost your phone.

Download Android Device Manager for free today here.

3) or Microsoft To-Do

Looking for a to-do list app? Want to get organized? and Microsoft’s new To-Do app both do a great job. They are both available on multiple platforms (Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS) and allow you to sync data across all of your apps. Enjoy features like list sharing, subcategories, time-sensitive tasks, and more.

Download here or Microsoft To-Do here.

4) Nova Launcher

Want to dip your toe into the rooted Android lifestyle – without actually rooting your device? Nova Launcher may be the right choice for you. Nova Launcher has been one of Android’s top customization tools for years. Today, it continues to be one of the best alternative launchers available. It comes with plenty of visual and functional customization options, and its themes have kept up with changing Android trends over the years. And, if you want to take Nova Launcher a step further, you can use One Click Root to root your device, then customize your Android however you like.

Download Nova Launcher for free here.

5) Signal

Signal is a messaging app that uses advanced end-to-end encryption for enhanced privacy with every message. If you feel uncomfortable with sending messages over Facebook – or the Facebook-owned WhatsApp – then Signal is the best alternative. Like other popular messenger platforms, Signal has the ability to build groups, have private conversations with friends, and use your existing phone number and address book (no separate login, username, or password is required). Signal is also all open source – so you can check the source code at any time to see what the engineers are doing.

Download Signal for free here.

6) Solid Explorer File Manager

Solid Explorer File Manager isn’t the most exciting app on the list, but it’s frequently picked as one of the best file managers on Android. Solid Explorer makes it easy to drag and drop files and manage your existing files. It’s also bundled up in a colorful, easy-to-use UI. If you’re rooting your Android – or just using it as a file storage system – then you need a good file manager.

Download Solid Explorer File Manager for free here.

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