When it comes to technology, there are basically two kinds of users. There are those who are comfortable with the way the technology was bought and have no reason to question why or how the technology functions the way if does. The other kind of users are those that love to empower themselves with every available information about the technology and would delve into its intrinsic nature in order to get the very best from that technology.

When it comes to android, ‘rooting’ is the word used to gain access to the device operating system. There are quite a number of benefits to be achieved when an android root is done on a device. Android rooting provides users with a better user interface and features than they would ever imagined.

In its simplicity, android rooting is replacing the operating system on an android device with a ROM. Performing an android root is not an end on its own but a means to one. To get more possibilities with functionality on your new user interface, there are several custom ROMs you may want to consider.

CyanogenMod 11 & 12

CyanogenMod is regarded as one of the best custom ROMs available today for android. It has a great community of users, quite stylish and stable with lots of frequent updates. CyanogenMod offers one of the best features for users after an android root. Some of features include; Trebuchet (unique app launcher), a mode that allows for left-handed viewing in landscape, personalized themes, a screencast functionality that allows for video screenshots, etc. CyanogenMod is designed to support a wide range of android devices.

Paranoid Android

This is the closest – in terms of functionality – to the CyanogenMod. It has an amazing user interface with several features and regular updates. Paranoid Android allows users to have an out-of-this-world tweaking experience for smartphones. After an android root, many users often choose this custom ROM because it makes the device look totally different from its stock ROM. Just when one think they have seen it all, the Hybrid and Floating Mode will leave you jaw dropping.

Carbon ROM

This is another great custom ROM to use after android rooting. It may not be as awesome as the aforementioned ROMs but it sure has its own unique features. As an AOSP-based ROM, users can enjoy Chronus Clock Widget, new lockscreen options, PIE, etc.

Slim Bean

When it comes to simplicity, the Slim Bean is a desired choice. One never has to worry about bugs as the ROM is designed for a simple user interface experience. With a custom kernel as processor, users can easily update to the latest android with just a simple click of a button.


As a user, if you are in love with stock android, then the Android Open Kang Project (AOKP) is just for you. Just visit the ROM control and you’ll find all the necessary settings. You can also be able to create a ribbon of apps and BOOT animations. For a whole new world of possibilities after android rooting, you should try out this ROM.


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