Pokemon Go has led to a spike in rooting among Android users. One Click Root has thousands of new happy customers.

Why are so many Pokemon Go players rooting their phones? Do you really need to root your phone if you want to become a Pokemon master? Today, we’re explaining why some of the best players in the world have decided to root their phones.

You Can Spoof GPS Location Data After Rooting

The first and most important reason why people root their Androids for Pokemon Go is to spoof location data. Specifically, users can spoof their GPS location so they appear to be located anywhere in the world. Want to catch North America’s exclusive Pokemon (Tauros) from Europe? You can do that on a rooted Android with GPS spoofing.

On a less intense level, GPS spoofing lets you browse through maps like Pokevision and see where Pokemon have spawned in your area. Then, you take the GPS coordinates from that map and plug them into your GPS spoofing app (there are dozens of APKS available online or even through the Play Store).


Let’s say a Blastoise spawns 10 blocks away from you. You don’t feel like walking that far, so you just plug the coordinates from the map into your GPS spoofing app, open the Pokemon Go game, and suddenly, you’re right beside a Blastoise. That’s it.

Yes, this is absolutely cheating. There’s no way around that. You’re a cheater who’s cheating at a game targeted towards children. How do you sleep at night?

How to Bypass Pokemon Go Root Detection

Niantic, the developers of Pokemon Go, are not stupid: they know that people will try to root their phones to spoof GPS location data and take advantage of the game.

That’s why they run a root detection scan before you open the app. If your phone is found to be rooted, then you may have trouble playing the game.

Fortunately, there are easy ways to get around that root detection. The best way is to download and install the game as you normally would. Then, before you open the game and login, head to the Google Play Store and look for the Hide My Root app.

hide my root

Download and install that app, then open it and tap Hide su binary and then tap Ok. This will hide the su binaries on your Android device, allowing you to easily play Pokemon Go without worrying about root detection.

If you ever need to re-enable these su binaries, you just open Hide My Root again and tap Restore su binary.

Do this whenever you want to play Pokemon Go on a rooted Android device. It’s that easy!

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