Are you getting harassed by a telemarketer? Is your ex blowing up your phone? Today, we’re going to help you out by explaining how to block any number on Android – it’s easier than you think!

3 Main Ways to Block a Number on Android

There are multiple ways to block numbers on Android. The three most popular ways include all of the following:

-Call your carrier and ask them to block the number

-Check your Settings menu and look for an “Auto-Reject List

-Use a third party app that blocks numbers

All of these options are pretty straightforward. We’ll start off with the one that doesn’t require you to download an app or call your carrier.

Finding your Auto-Reject List on Android

Many Samsung, LG, and HTC phones have auto-reject lists. These lists let you block calls and prevent them from ever annoying you again.

To access this setting on your Samsung phone, tap the phone icon and select the number you want to block. Once the details of that number pop up, go to the More option in the top right hand corner of the screen, where you’ll see an option to Add to Auto-Reject List. That’s it! Now, whenever that number calls your phone, your phone will bat it away without bugging you.

Blocking a number on an HTC phone is very similar: you tap the Phone icon, then swipe in from the right to see your call history. Long press on the number you wish to block, and then tap the Block contact button that pops up. Tap OK, and you’ll never receive a call from that number again.

If you’re on an LG phone, it’s a little bit different, but still mostly the same. Tap the phone icon, then tap the three dots in the right hand corner of the screen. From the menu that pops up, select Call Settings > Call Reject > Reject Calls From. Then, just tap the Plus button to add any new number to your blocked call list. If you don’t want to type in a number, then you can also access this menu from your Call Logs or Contacts list.

Whichever one of these three options you use, it all works in pretty much the same way: once a number is in your list, it’s no longer able to call you. You won’t get an alert stating the person is calling you, and they won’t be able to leave a message in your voicemail. It’s like there’s an impenetrable, soundproof wall between you and that person.

Download a Third Party App

You can find plenty of third party call blocking apps on the Google Play Store. Call Blocker Free, Call Control, and Calls Blacklist are three of the more popular options.

These apps all work in an almost identical way: you download and install the app, then enter the number(s) you wish to block.

From that point forward, that number is blocked just like it would be blocked in your settings menu.

If you’re on a Nexus phone, then there’s actually not an option to block calls. You can only choose to send unwanted calls to voicemail, but that’s not really a great solution if you actually use your voicemail. A better solution is to install one of the third party apps listed above.

The third and final option is to call your carrier to block a certain number. This is the most time-consuming option but it’s just as effective as the other ones.

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