If you’re like most Android users, you only use one app store: the Google Play Store. But Amazon wants to remind you there’s another big player on the market: the Amazon App Store.

To refresh your memory, Amazon is giving away over $70 of paid apps and games for free.

The only catch? You have to lock in to receive future updates from the Amazon app store. If you don’t mind doing that, then you can get a lot of (legitimately cool) apps and games on the house.

Of course, installing the Amazon app store takes a little bit of work (but not too much work). See below.

Don’t forget that the updates for all of these apps will come from Amazon – not the Google Play Store. If you ever switch phones, you’ll need to reinstall the Amazon app store using the tutorial below and then reinstall your paid apps from scratch.

Which Apps Are Available?


Sugar, Sugar

Time Mysteries 2: The Ancient Spectres

Doodle Tanks HD

Time Mysteries 3: The Final Enigma

Pipe Puzzle Premium

Draw a Stickman: Epic

Doodle Kingdom

Doodle Devil




Scribblenauts Remix


Factory Balls

Lego Star Wars Microfighters

Bloons TD 5

Bridge Constructor

Pumped BMX 2

Doodle God

Airport Mania: First Flight HD

Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips HD

Continuity 2


Rotate it!

Gamebooks: Read and Learn English

AVG AntiVirus Pro Android Security

The Little Witch at School


Splashtop Remote Desktop

Toca Pet Doctor

Runtastic Pro

Photo Lab Pro

Most of the apps are priced between $1 and $2. You also have apps like AVG AntiVirus Pro Android Security that you may or may not want to download (it will slow down your device a little bit).

And then there are great apps like Photo Lab Pro (an editor many people are willing to pay for). You also have the minifig-fighting version of Lego Star Wars as well as the Epic (i.e. paid) version of Draw a Stickman.

How to Install the Amazon App Store

Google gets a little jealous when you switch to another app store, so you can’t just download the Amazon app store from the Google Play Store.

Instead, you’ll need to download the installation file from here.

Then, you follow the installation instructions here.

It’s actually pretty easy. You change your settings to allow installations from unknown sources, then install the Amazon_App.apk file from your downloads folder. If you’ve ever messed around with unknown apps on your phone, then this will take like two seconds (especially for you rooted users out there).

Once the download is complete, you’ll have access to all of the paid apps and games listed above. Just open their download pages on the Amazon app store and you’ll see a “Free” button for as long as this promotion is active.

Have fun deal hunting out there!

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