There was huge news in the Android community this morning as Samsung announced that it was recalling its Note 7 phones worldwide over a battery problem.

That battery problem is expected to be related to the fact that the battery can catch fire while charging. This occurred after there were unconfirmed rumors of Note 7 units catching fire around the world.

The Note 7 made headlines this past month for being one of the first smartphones with an iris scanner. You can access your smartphone simply by letting it scan your eye. The phone was well-reviewed by most major Android media organizations.

In any case, Samsung is being forced to recall millions of units over the issue. Since the Note 7 was released last month, Samsung has sold approximately 2.5 million units.

What Are Note 7 Owners Supposed to Do?

Samsung hasn’t announced full details of the recall program as of yet. However, the company plans to offer customers a new product for free to replace all 2.5 million units sold thus far.

galaxy note 7 fire

Samsung claims it will take about 2 weeks to prepare the recall. The date the new products will be available will vary by country.

If you’re worried about your battery, you’re encouraged to call your nearest Samsung service center.

This past month, South Korean news agency Yonhap had reported that five Note 7 users complained about fires while charging their Note 7s. Unverified photos posted on social media showed the charred remains of smartphones purported to be Note 7 units – although there were no reports outside of South Korea that appeared on major media outlets.

Nevertheless, Samsung claims that it received 35 claims of faulty phones around the world, a failure rate Samsung described as 24 devices with problems for every 1 million devices sold.

The Note 7 was well-reviewed by Android websites and appeared to be doing well in the market. Samsung was continuing its strong sales momentum – but this recall is clearly a major hurdle.

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