One of the best parts about rooting Android is that you get to have full control over your phone – and that includes the boot animation.

Unfortunately, many Android users – even rooting experts – don’t know how to change their boot animation. Today, our tutorial will explain exactly how to do it. All you need is a rooted Android phone or tablet.

Rooting your Android

Obviously, rooting has become a lot easier over the years. You have hold-your-hand-the-whole-way options like One Click Root, for example, and single rooting methods that work on multiple devices.

Before you proceed with the tutorial, you need to root your Android. You can’t change your boot animation on a non-rooted Android.

How to Change your Boot Animation

There are two ways to change your boot animation. The easiest way is by installing a root-only Android app. The “hard” way is to manually root Android. Both are relatively easy – at least compared to changing most major things on Android.

If you were able to root your phone successfully, you won’t have any trouble changing your boot animation on Android with either method.

Before you begin, however, you need to pick a boot animation.

Pick a New Boot Animation

There are all sorts of resources for boot animations on the internet. There are even programs that turn any gif into a boot animation – so you can pick your favorite gif and see it every time you fire up your phone.

The XDA Developers Forum is a great resource for boot animations. A quick search on that forum will reveal sources like this thread, which has a collection of 81 awesome boot animations.

Reddit’s R/Android has also featured a number of popular boot animation threads over the years, where you can find plenty of excellent options. Check out this thread or this thread, for example.

After you’ve picked your boot animation, you’ll need to use a file manager to drop the boot animation into the appropriate folder. The specific folder varies between Android models.

You downloaded boot animation will come in the form of a folder. Don’t unzip or rename that folder.

How to Change the Boot Animation Using an App

The easiest way to change your boot animation is to use an app. This is also a good solution if you plan on changing your boot animations multiple times, and want a simple way to swap animations in and out.

There are apps like Boot Animations, available for free from the Google Play Store.

Open the app, then choose the Backup/Restore option. Tap Backup, which means you’re going to back up the original boot animation instead of completely removing it. This is what you’ll want to do if you want to keep the option of switching back to your original animation.

Once you’ve backed up your current boot animation, look for the folder you downloaded using the app’s file explorer. Long press on the file.

Then, the app will install the custom boot animation. If your animation isn’t named, the app might encounter problems. So if you see an error code or if the app doesn’t work, then you’ll want to check the name of the file first.

After the app has installed the boot animation, you’ll need to sit back and wait for your device to reboot. This can take a while. You might wait a few minutes staring at a blank screen. Don’t freak out – your device hasn’t bricked. It just takes a while sometimes.

How to Change your Boot Animation Manually

You can change your boot animation manually using a file manager. All you need is a popular file manager app – like ES File Explorer or Root Browser. As long as the file manager app has root access, then you’ll be fine. That means you’ll be able to change R/O (read only) and R/W (read write) system files. If you haven’t used root functionality in these apps, then you’ll need to enable it (it’s not enabled by default).

Open the file manager app and find your original Android boot animation (the boot animation that’s already installed on your system – not the one you’re trying to add). You can find the default boot animation in /system/media (although a select few Androids have it elsewhere).

Rename the original file once you’ve found it. Then, make a note of where it’s saved. Now, find the new folder you downloaded, then copy and paste it into system/media.

At this point, the file manager may prompt you to change permissions to R/W.

Again, make sure the folder is named Otherwise, you’ll experience errors.

Finally, reboot your device. If everything went correctly, you should now see your new boot animation.

That’s it! That’s how to change your boot animation on a rooted Android phone or tablet.

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