One of the things that makes Android great is that you can customize its appearance in so many different ways.

Icon packs are one of the easiest ways to customize the appearance of your Android device – and they’re as easy as installing one simple app on your device.

Icon packs will change the look of most icons on your Android homescreen. It takes a little bit more work than an ordinary customization – which is why we’re here to help.

Step 1) Install a Custom Launcher

This step may seem unnecessary. However, most icon packs are packaged with custom launchers. They’re separate applications you need to install, but they require a launcher in order to work.

There are dozens of good custom launchers you can download from the Google Play Store. Action Launcher 3 is one popular option that seems to have a particularly large number of icon packs available.

As long as you download a popular launcher, the icon pack should support it. Icon pack developers will specifically design their icon packs to be compatible with the major launchers. After installing a launcher, you’re ready to start looking for icon packs.

Step 2) Download Icon Packs

There are literally thousands of icon packs available for free on the Google Play Store. For whatever reason, app developers really like to create icon packs.

These icon packs vary wildly. Some of them make your phone look like an iPhone, for example. Others make your phone look like a Nexus device. Some are totally unique.

The Pixel Icon Pack has been particularly popular in recent months. It gives your Android that desirable Pixel look. In fact, to the untrained eye, your phone will look identical to the latest Pixel devices (at least on the UI side of things).

Alternatively, for something unique, the Moonrise Icon Pack is a popular option. I also like Polycon, which takes the Material Design iconography to a new level. It’s how Material Design should have looked.

Ultimately, you can scan through the Google Play Store and download as many icon packs as you want. There are thousands available – so feel free to test out a few. I’m just some idiot on the internet. There’s no reason to listen to me.

Alternate Methods

You don’t always have to install a separate icon pack. Sometimes, the launcher you download will have its own custom icon packs pre-installed.

Certain Samsung phones – including the S7 and S7 Edge – actually have dedicated theme stores where you can browse for new icons. The HTC 10 has a similar feature.

Changing your icons is one of the fastest and easiest ways to change the look of your phone – and you don’t even need root access to do it! Follow the steps above to install new icons on your Android.

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