Read receipts are a blessing and a curse.

They’re a blessing when you just sent that embarrassing message to your high school crush and are eagerly waiting for her to read it.

But they’re a curse when you’re home on a Saturday night and accidentally open a message you received 2 seconds earlier.

Fortunately, you don’t have to use read receipts on Facebook or WhatsApp. Today, we’re showing you how to avoid triggering read receipts on Facebook or WhatsApp so you never have to be embarrassed again.

No, this doesn’t involve changing your settings to avoid read receipts. Instead, it’s a funny little trick. The trick comes courtesy of our friends at


Basically, what you do is turn on airplane mode, read the message, and then turn off airplane mode. That’s it.

Step by Step Guide

Wait until you have a new message on Messenger or WhatsApp. Avoid opening the app to check the message. Then, follow the steps listed below.

Step 1) Swipe down from the notification shade and turn on airplane mode. Or, go to Settings > Airplane Mode to enable it.

Step 2) Once you’ve made sure you’re not connected to the internet, open WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger and check the message you received.

Step 3) Once you’re done reading the message, exit out of WhatsApp or Messenger. Make sure the app is closed after you’ve read the message.

Step 4) Turn airplane mode off to reconnect to the internet

That’s it! You were able to read both messages on your device. However, the senders of those messages did not get read receipts. As far as WhatsApp and Messenger are concerned, you never actually opened those messages – so the read receipts are never triggered.

The next time you get a message from your crush on a Saturday night when you should be out having fun, use the trick above. You’ll still get to read the message, but you’ll get to pretend that you didn’t see the message until you woke up on Sunday morning. You know, because you had such a crazy night of partying.

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