Ever wonder why your Android battery life is suddenly plummeting?

Maybe it’s not your fault – it’s your apps’ faults.

A number of popular Android apps were recently discovered stealing battery life and other resources while running in the background.

AVG recently published its quarterly Android App Performance Report. In that report, the company studied one million of its Android users to identify which apps were consuming the most resources.

“Resources” were defined as data, battery, and storage space. After all that studying, AVG determined that the worst five apps for stealing performance-related resources were:





-Amazon Android

5 Worst Apps for Data Usage

AVG also broke down the data further based on data usage. The five worst apps for data usage were:

-Daily Mail Online





5 Worst Apps for Draining your Battery

Hey Samsung users – ever wonder why your phone’s battery life will suddenly plummet at random times throughout the day? Here are the 5 worst apps for draining your battery:

-Samsung Beaming Service for Beep ‘n Go

-Samsung Security Policy Updates


-Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic

-Vault-Hide SMS Pics & Videos

5 Worst Games for Resource Usage

Addicted to Boom Beach? That might be the reason your phone is always hovering near death. The five worst games for resource usage included:

-Hay Day

-LINE Let’s Get Rich

-Boom Beach

-Candy Crush Saga

-Farm Heroes Saga

Ready to Save Battery Life? Try Rooting

Uninstalling the apps listed above is one way to save battery life.

But let’s be honest: that’s not an ideal solution. There was a reason you installed those apps in the first place.

Fortunately, Android rooting means you can have your cake and eat it too. After rooting your Android device, you can install apps like Greenify that force apps to “freeze” when not in use.


That means Facebook can’t silently steal your data and CPU cycles in the background – but you can still check the app whenever you want to, you know, check Facebook.

To install Greenify, click here.

JuiceDefender is another app that offers similar battery saving power for rooted Android users. You can download that one here.

Uninstall Bloatware After Rooting

The other lesson we can learn from this report is that Samsung apps are brutal for stealing battery life. Unfortunately, apps like Beaming Service for Beep ‘n Go and Security Policy Updates cannot be uninstalled: they’re always on your device whether you like it or not.

avg report 2015

After rooting your device, you can uninstall these apps permanently by just deleting their files or by using a special bloatware uninstallation app like Bloatware Free.

What did we learn from this report? Uninstall Facebook. Uninstall bloatware. Root your device, and freeze apps that you’re not constantly using to prevent them from running in the background. There. I just solved all your Android battery problems.



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