Dripplr is a new step counting live wallpaper that was recently released as an open source Android Experiment.

The app uses your Google Fit data to visualize the steps you’ve taken.

Those steps are visualized in the form of a water drop live wallpaper. As you take more steps throughout the day, that water drop eventually fills up with water.

If you’re the type of person who responds will to sexy UIs and visual evidence of your fitness progress, then Dripplr could be all the motivation you need to get moving every day.

The live wallpaper does more than just track your steps: the water in the drop actually tilts based on the angle of your phone.

Once you’ve taken your daily target steps, the drop is filled. It doesn’t spill over or do anything cool like that – you’re just supposed to be satisfied that you filled a drop of water.

You can download Dripplr for free here.

The developers recently released the program on the Android Experiment site, which officially makes Dripplr open source.

If you want to take a sneak peek behind Dripplr’s source code, then you can do so at the AndroidExperiments.com page here.

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