Here at Search4Roots, we spend a lot of time talking about how awesome Android rooting can be. You’ll have to forgive us. It’s the best way to customize your Android and enjoy full control over everything on your device.

But just because you’re a non-rooted Android user doesn’t mean you have to miss out! There are plenty of easy ways you can customize your Android without coming close to the root directory.

Using the customizations listed below, you can totally change the look and feel of your Android device – so even if you’re not buying a new phone, you’ll feel like you bought one.

Install a New Theme App

If you’re looking for one easy way to transform your Android with a simple app install, the installing a new theme is the way to go.

Themer is the most popular option among the Android community. It has become increasingly easy to use over the years. Today, it’s a combination between a launcher and HD wallpaper. One thing it’s always been good at doing, however, is completely changing the appearance of your device.

Install Live Wallpapers

Google launched an official live wallpaper app called Meter as part of its Creative Lab project. Prior to the launch of that app, the live wallpaper app business was notoriously shady, and it was hard to find a good live wallpaper from a reputable developer.


Fortunately, Meter brings more legitimacy to the live wallpaper world. With Meter, you can display geometric shapes on your Android homescreen. Those geographic shapes move around as your tilt and twirl your phone. It has no real function – but it looks awesome.

Better yet, Meter actually changes its ambient display over the course of a day, altering your wallpaper with each unlock. It’s not a life-changing wallpaper app, but it’s certainly a neat trick.

Use New Homescreen Widgets

Android widgets are a great way to expand the functionality of your Android device. Google Keep is one app with an under-appreciated widget. The Google Keep widget lets you quickly take notes at any time directly from your Android home screen, and then have those notes appear on all internet-connected devices (assuming you’ve installed Google Keep on those devices).


Alternatively, popular homescreen apps include 1Weather, which nearly has a perfect 5 star rating with 500,000 downloads to date. It’s particularly popular for its weather widget, which is much better than the built-in Google widget (and way more minimalistic).

Use a New Launcher

Installing a new launcher is very similar to installing a new theme. Custom launchers totally change the way you interact with your device, letting you tune your system navigation experience to something that better suits your tastes.

Nova Launcher has been a popular Android launcher for years, although many Android users have already tried (or already use) the app.

If you’re looking for something different, consider trying Action Launcher 3 or the Google Now Launcher, both of which provide a simplistic, user-friendly way to launch your apps. The Google Now Launcher essentially gives your phone that desirable Nexus-like appeal.

Use a New Keyboard

What if you don’t want to completely change your entire Android’s appearance? What if you just wanted to change something small – say, the keyboard.

One of the best parts about Android is the ability to use a custom keyboard app. Custom keyboard apps let you adjust your phone according to your unique typing style. You may be surprised how much more you enjoy typing with say, SwiftKey and Swype. Custom keyboards also come with new color schemes and themes, letting you choose exactly how you want your keyboard to look beneath your fingers.


Ultimately, rooting your Android is the best way to customize its appearance. However, if you’re looking for a fast, easy, and convenient way to change your Android’s appearance, then the tips listed above will certainly get the job done.

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