One of the core gameplay elements in Pokemon Go is discovering cool locations around your city and neighborhood.

But finding all the best Pokemon Go stops and gyms can be hard – which is why many people have taken a different approach. Using the Ingress map online, you can find Pokemon Go stops and gyms without even leaving your office chair.

Ingress, for the unaware, is the game that inspired Pokemon Go. It was made by Niantic, the same developer behind Pokemon Go. It involves discovering landmarks and locations in the real world – kind of like Pokemon Go.

To start, you’ll find the live Ingress map online here:

You’ll need to sign up for a (free) Ingress account. However, once you’ve done that, you’re ready to start discovering locations around you. The Ingress map doesn’t look quite the same as Pokemon Go, but the two apps use the exact same location data. Most places you see a point on the Ingress map, you’ll find either a PokeStop or PokeGym in Pokemon Go.

Meanwhile, if you want to actually play Ingress, you can download that game for free for Android here.

Should You Play Ingress?

Ingress has the same exploration reward system as Pokemon Go. However, it’s far darker than the cheery cartoon world of Pokemon Go. In Ingress, scientists have discovered a powerful particle called Exotic Matter (XM). That matter comes from aliens. Half the world wants to use the matter, while half does not.

The two sides now battle to control locations around the world in favor of either side. The story goes on from there (that’s just the very beginning). Ingress also holds live events called XM Anomaly events. These events typically come with interesting stories and occur quarterly.

Anyways, the game proceeds from there. Ingress has a smaller, dedicated fan base – it’s tough to match the success of Pokemon Go.

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