The Galaxy S7 is an upcoming smartphone currently in development by Samsung.

I could have told you that same information months ago – the fact that Samsung is developing the next version of its flagship smartphone line isn’t exactly a surprise.

But with the release of the S7 just a few months away, we’re starting to see more and more information about the Galaxy S7 getting leaked onto the internet.

Discover everything we know about the Galaxy S7 so far in our Galaxy S7 rumor roundup.

It Could Be Released in January

One of the most surprising things about the Galaxy S7 rumors is that it could be being released much sooner than we anticipated: traditionally, Samsung debuts its annual Galaxy S device at the MWC in late February.

This year, however, Samsung appears to be preparing to release the Galaxy S7 one month earlier at a standalone event in January.

galaxy s7

These rumors come as AT&T was already reportedly testing the S7 and S7 Edge at a special event last week. In other words, Samsung already appears to have a working version of the S7 available and usable.

Four Different Versions of the S7

The Galaxy S6 was powered by Samsung’s in-house Exynos chipset instead of more traditional manufacturers like Qualcomm. With the Galaxy S7, Samsung appears to be making the switch to four different processors in four different S7 models. There could be two Exynos Galaxy S7 phones and two Qualcomm Galaxy S7 phones.

The versions will reportedly be known as:



These devices will be split further into two different groups, including Qualcomm Snapdragon and Samsung Exynos.

The version of the S7 you receive might depend on where in the world you buy it. For example, Samsung first released its Exynos chips on phones sold in South Korea while shipping Snapdragon chips to the rest of the world. Then, in 2015, they switched to 100% Exynos chips.

The S7 is expected to use the Snapdragon 820 chipset, although Samsung might also just stick with the wildly successful Exynos 7420 chip for most of its models because it has performed so well on the Galaxy S6.

New Feature Called BRITECELL Sensor Technology

At a recent investor event, Samsung revealed a new technology called BRITECELL. That technology will likely debut in the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge camera.

britecell 2

BRITECELL is a new type of mobile camera sensor that is reportedly only one-micron pixel sized and uses a 0.5-inch sensor. This should boost the low light sensitivity of the Galaxy S7 and make for some of the best low-light pictures we’ve ever seen in a mobile device.

Extra Features and Details

Other Galaxy S7 features, details, and rumors include:

-The Galaxy S7 will reportedly run Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box

-Like the S6, the S7 is expecting to feature Samsung’s new fast-charging wireless (and wired) technology

-There’s some sort of weird keyboard cover for the Galaxy S7, as seen below, that turns it into a Blackberry-like device

samsung galaxy s7 keyboard cover

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Device Model Numbers for the Galaxy S7

It’s expected that the Galaxy S7 will feature the following model numbers and version numbers on US, Canadian, and Korean carriers as well as international service providers:

Snapdragon 820 Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge Models

  • China (SM-G9300, SM-G9350)
  • Verizon (SM-G930V, SM-G935V)
  • Sprint (SM-G930P, SM-G935P)
  • US Cellular (SM-G930R4, SM-G935R4)

Exynos 8890 Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge Models

  • International unlocked model version numbers (SM-G930F, SM-G935F)
  • T-Mobile (SM-G930T, SM-G935T)
  • AT&T (SM-G930A, SM-G935A)
  • Canada (SM-G930W8, SM-G935W8)
  • Korean versions (SM-G930 S/K/L, SM-G935 S/K/L)

You Will Be Able to Root the Galaxy S7

Like all Galaxy S devices that have come before it, the Galaxy S7 is expected to be rootable (despite Samsung’s best intentions and the efforts of Knox Security).

The only question about the Galaxy S7 root is who is going to be the first to root the device and take credit for it?

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