If you’re like me and you spend a lot of late nights on your computer, then F.lux is a life saver. Finally, the popular automated screen dimming software is coming to Android.

F.lux, for the uninitiated, is desktop software that minimizes blue light at night. The software automatically detects when the sun goes up and down (based on your physical location) and then dims your screen when it’s dark enough outside.

Instead of just dimming your screen brightness, however, F.lux minimizes blue light from your display.

The theory is that blue light is just like daylight to our eyes. So when you stay up late at night looking at your phone or your desktop, then your body never produces melatonin because it still thinks it’s daylight.

Some people even say that staring at your screen for 15 minutes at night is the equivalent of having a cup of coffee.

F.lux Has Previously Only Been Available for Windows, OS X, iOS, and Linux

Android is the last major operating system to be conquered by F.lux – and it’s easy to see why: the app needs root access in order to work.

Sorry, non-rooted users, F.lux won’t work on your phone. Apparently, filtering the display triggers Android security protocols, so you’ll need to grant F.lux root access in order to work.

flux pc

Nevertheless, F.lux found a way to work on iOS and Mac OS X, two of the most heavily locked down operating systems in the world.

F.lux, by the way, doesn’t just remove blue light from your display, it actually mathematically extracts blue light from each pixel at the GPU level – which is why it’s more effective than just dimming your screen or installing other software-based solutions.

Sign Up for the Beta

F.lux has not been released to the general public for Android yet.

However, you can sign up for the F.lux beta here. If you’re accepted, you’ll get to test the app and be a part of something exciting.

No word yet on when the full software will be released – but it shouldn’t be far off.

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