If you’re like me, then you use software called F.lux on your computer. It dims your computer’s display at night, minimizing the blue color so you can fall asleep more easily.

F.lux has been rumored to be coming to Android for some time. Then, at the beginning of March, those rumors heated up as a beta version signup for F.lux appeared online.

Finally, we’ve got the full release version of F.lux on Android.

The only catch? You need root access for it to work.

F.lux for Android Features

F.lux automatically changes the color temperature of your Android smartphone based on the time of day. When the sun rises in the morning (F.lux looks at your latitude to determine this information), your screen will brighten. When the sun goes down at night, F.lux will eliminate blue colors from your display.

Eliminating blue colors from your display tricks your eyes into thinking they’re looking at a darkened sky – which is the sensation that triggers your body’s production of melatonin.

flux for android

Have you ever had trouble falling asleep after staying up late on your computer or phone? F.lux is specifically designed to combat that problem.

Of course, the low light also minimizes eye strain, so your eyes aren’t constantly adjusting to bright light against a dark background.

There’s a Similar Feature in the Android N Preview

F.lux isn’t the only team that knew bright light at night was a problem: Google clearly knows too. The new Android N preview contains a F.lux-like feature that dims the screen at night to help you fall asleep more easily and reduce eye strain.

Download F.lux Today

F.lux is available for free from the Google Play Store, where it’s available for download exclusively for rooted users: click here to download it.

You can download the app on a non-rooted phone, although the developer claims that “it will not do much”.

The app is also officially still in the preview phase, so you may encounter some bugs and development problems.

According to the developer, the app will work on most rooted Lollipop and Marshmallow devices (5.x and 6.x) as well as a handful of rooted KitKat (4.x) devices.

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