Our bright phone displays are ruining our lives. Today, I’m going to explain how to darken your phone screen – and why it’s so important to do so.

Stop Ruining your Sleep Cycles

There’s endless scientific evidence that using virtual screens late at night leads to unnatural sleep cycles.

Basically, our bodies are programmed to wake up when it starts getting light outside and fall asleep when it starts getting dark.

computer at night

Unfortunately, after it gets dark, most of us just stay up on our computers, TVs, smartphones, and tablets. This tricks our eyes into thinking it’s still daylight, which can disrupt or circadian rhythm, yadda yadda yadda.

Unfortunately, Android’s built-in screen brightness display only darkens your phone so much. When you’re using your phone in a dark room, even the darkest setting can feel blinding to your eyes.

Stop Ruining your Eyes

You’re not just ruining your sleep cycles when you use a bright phone display. You’re also ruining your eyes.

Using a bright screen in a dark room forces your eyes to constantly adjust to two different levels of light. Over time, this can increase eye strain. It’s the same reason why people who work on computers all day tend to need glasses.

Save Battery Life

Even if you don’t care about your eyes or your sleep cycles, you probably care about battery life. When your phone’s screen is unnecessarily bright, you’re unnecessarily wasting battery life.

How to Dim Your Android Screen

The best way to dim your Android screen is to use various apps. Today, I’m going to recommend two popular apps you can use to protect your sleep cycles and your eyes.

Lux Lite

Lux Lite is available for free (there’s also a pro version). Both versions of the app let you adjust display brightness lower than you would normally be able. The mid-point on Lux’s brightness scale is 0%, which is about as dark as your smartphone can go on its own.

lux lite 2

By reducing light even further, say, to 33%, you can save your eyes.

With Lux Lite, you can also configure settings for day and night. You can choose to enter automatic night mode, where the app uses your GPS location to estimate sunup and sunset times. Or, you can manually adjust brightness on the fly.

lux lite

Download Lux Lite for free here.


Twilight was the first major app to work like “f.lux for Android”. Twilight removes blue and white light from your screen, giving it the sensation of dimming beyond the regular darkest level.

When you dim Twilight as far as it can go, it gets really dim. Like, so dim you can barely see your screen in the darkest room. It’s fantastic for those who like to read in bed at night on their tablets.

twilight android 2

Twilight also puts a slider on your notification shade, so you can easily adjust brightness whenever you like.

Other settings with Twilight include screen dim, intensity, and color temperature. Want your screen to look bluer or redder? Adjust color temperature.

Like Lux Lite, Twilight also harmonizes your screen’s display brightness with the rising and setting of the sun. It uses your GPS data to identify your sunup and sunset times.

Download Twilight for free today from here.

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