How To Easily Root Samsung Galaxy S6 edge SM-G925I Marshmallow 6.0.1

How to root the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge SM-G925I Marshmallow 6.0.1

Step 1) Download One Click Root and install it on your PC, Mac, or Linux computer
Step 2) Move to your Samsung Galaxy S6 edge SM-G925I and enable USB debugging from the settings menu
Step 3) Connect your Samsung Galaxy S6 edge SM-G925I to your computer via USB cable
Step 4) Run the One Click Root software and wait for the rooting process to be completed

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge launched in 2015 alongside the standard S6 device. For the first time, Samsung truly redesigned their flagship smartphone build quality with the Galaxy S6 Edge and there is a lot about it that stands out. On top of the new edge-to-edge display that adds extra functionality to the smartphone, the Galaxy S6 Edge has a refreshed full glass and metal build design. The front and back of the Galaxy S6 Edge are adorned with glass whilst the frame is built from sturdy metal. On the inside, the Galaxy S6 Edge is equipped with some of the best hardware we’ve seen in a smartphone, especially as far as 2015 smartphones are concerned.

There is a lot to like about the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge but if you would like to get more out of the device, you may want to root it. When you root an Android smartphone, you open it up to a whole world filled with new possibilites. Rooted Android smartphones can support a number of new applications that require root access and you can take configuration and personalization to the next level once you are rooted. If you would like to root your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, please take a look through the step by step guide provided above. This guide will take you through the initial setup steps for our rooting process. Once you’ve gone through these steps, you’ll be close to rooting your device. To root your device with us, all you’ll need to do is install our One Click Root software and run it with your device connected to a computer. As the name suggests, our software really can get your device rooted at the click of a button.

More traditional rooting methods would require you to follow a long list of steps and you would have to complete the entire rooting process manually. With our software on the other hand, the entirety of the rooting process is automated. This can be handy for a number of reasons. Firstly, by automating the rooting process for your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, you are making the whole process far more convenient. You will be able to save yourself a lot of stress and confusion. Secondly, it is far quicker to get yourself rooted with One Click Root than it is with any traditional rooting methods. Lastly and perhaps most importantly, by using our automated rooting software, you will be able to avoid any potential risks or damage that could be caused from rooting via the traditional method.

Once you have rooted your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge via our software, why not take a browse through our blog section to learn more about how you can make the most out of a rooted Android smartphone?