Galaxy Note 5 users around the world are complaining about an annoying problem: the phone struggles with RAM management.

These RAM management issues can slow performance down to a crawl. It can also kick resource-heavy applications out of your memory when your phone is idle for too long.

Ready to learn how to fix RAM management problems on the Galaxy Note 5? Keep reading.

You Need to Edit your Build.prop’s DHA Properties

Okay, so you’re going to need a bit of Android know-how to complete this tutorial. If you’re like most Android users who aren’t developers, then you have no idea what the above sentence means.

But it’s not quite as complicated as it sounds. You basically just need to open a text file from the root directories of Android, then edit that file with fixed values. If you can do that, then you can fix your Note 5’s memory management problems.

Follow aong with the video below to see a visual walkthrough. Or, if you’d rather follow the steps by text, you’ll find the step-by-step instructions below.

Thanks to Mario Serrafero from XDA-Developers for this fix!

Basically, here’s how the fix works:

Step 1) Backup your ROM and your build.prop file

Step 2) You’ll need root access to edit the build.prop. Once you have root access, you can edit the build.prop with a simple text editor or a similar app.

Step 3) Replace your DHA properties of your build.prop with the ones found in this thread on the XDA Developers Forum (just copy and paste using your text editor). If you are missing some of the DHA properties, then just add the ones that you don’t have. If you are missing all of them, then add all of those properties to the bottom.

The guy who wrote about this fix claims that this worked on his Note 5. It’s also the same fix that previously worked on the Galaxy S6 and Note 4 to boost performance on those devices.

Nevertheless, Mario Serrafero cautions that this fix is only for the bold:

“It doesn’t seem to be risky, but please be mindful that it’s not a fix specific to the Note5 in particular, and that it doesn’t seem to entirely fix the problem. It might be wiser to simply wait for a better fix, as extended testing might reveal unintended consequences. That being said, the Note5’s RAM management can certainly improve, so XDA will find a way!”

If we find a better fix for the Note 5’s RAM management problems, we’ll be sure to tell you about it on

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