Have you ever wanted the ability to launch your favorite apps directly from your navigation bar? Thanks to a new root-only app, it’s easier than ever before. Today, we’re teaching you how to get a mini app drawer on your navigation bar.

What You Need

To start, we’re going to need Gravity Box, which is an Xposed module. Gravity Box lets you make significant tweaks to your navigation bar – like changing button locations, editing colors, and adding a new app drawer.

Gravity Box (and Xposed, for that matter) both require a rooted Android. If you haven’t already rooted your Android, then One Click Root can help you out.

Basically, what we’re doing here is opening Gravity Box, heading to the Navigation bar tweaks section, and adding app shortcuts. Beyond that, most of this is self-explanatory once you’re in the Navigation bar tweaks menu.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the step by step guide.

Step by Step Guide

Step 1) Open Gravity Box

Step 2) Go to the Application Launcher

Step 3) Tap on each of the Application slots that you want to fill (you don’t have to put app links here – you can put system Settings shortcuts and more)

Step 4) Head back to the main Gravity Box menu and choose Navigation Bar tweaks. Far down the list, you’ll see an option for Custom key settings. Tap on that and enable it.

Step 5) That’s it! You have the basic, default, app shortcut menu set up on your navigation bar.

You can customize it further. You can move the launcher icon to the right hand side, for example, so it’s out of the way. You can also customize each button further by adding long-press and double tap functions, so each shortcut could potentially have three different functions attached to it.

Download the latest version of Gravity Box today from the XDA Developers Forum here.

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