There are all sorts of cool things you can do with an Android Wear smartwatch – like display the time in a sexy way.

But one YouTuber managed to do something cooler. He recently uploaded a tutorial explaining how he managed to get Game Boy Advance games running on Android Wear.

You can check out that video below:

In that video, YouTube user Hacking Jules shows himself running GBA games on one of the oldest Android Wear devices in the world – the LG G Watch W100.

The control scheme, understandably, is a bit cramped. The arrow keys are directly over the top of the screen, and the A and B buttons are kind of hidden beneath the arrow keys. I would imagine it’s tough to play any Android game involving fast coordination. But hey, it’s better than staring at a blank watch face while you wait in the doctor’s office.

As one reviewer put it,

“It’s pretty hilarious seeing the old Mario Kart for GBA played on a watch with a screen as tiny as this. For all intents and purposes, it’s completely unplayable.”

How to Make it Work

All you really need to do to make this hack work is buy an app called My Boy! GBA Emulator from the Play Store.

That app is priced at $4.99. It has surprisingly good reviews for an emulator, with a total of over 23,000 5 star reviewers compared to just 951 1 star reviews.

One reviewer said “It’s awesome for Pokemon”.

The app is designed to work on a normal Android device. However, it appears to work with all major Android Wear devices as well. If it works on that guy’s LG G Watch W100 listed above, then it should probably work on newer Android Wear devices as well.

How to Run Game Boy Color Games on Android Wear

What if you’re more of an original Pokemon kind of person? That’s okay. Soon after Android Wear was first released, one YouTuber created a tutorial explaining how to run Game Boy Color games on the device.

Getting GBC games running on Android Wear is a little bit more complicated. You’ll need to follow the instructions in the video below:

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to play games on your watch – but you can’t pull out your larger, more convenient phone? If so, then the videos listed above will help you solve that problem and game wherever you take your Android Wear watch.

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