Pop up advertisements are an annoying part of using any mobile device.

Want to never worry about pop up ads again on Android? Today, we’re explaining how to block annoying advertisements on your Android browser and on Chrome for Android.

Why Block Ads?

You might think, “pop up advertisements don’t annoy me. I just ignore them and close them.”

But pop up ads are more than just an annoyance. Here are other reasons you want to prevent pop up ads:

-Make your Android phone or tablet surf more quickly

-Save money on data overage costs

-Avoid annoying ads

-Reduce your risk of being exposed to malware

Did I convince you? Now, let’s look at how to block pop-ups on Android.

Two Ways to Block Pop-Ups on Android

There are two basic ways to block pop up ads on Android, including:

-Download a third party ad block browser or app

-Use your built-in browser settings

How to Block Ads in your Browser Using your Browser Settings

Your Android browser already has a built-in pop up blocker! It’s true.

Step 1) Open your browser

Step 2) Tap the three dots menu icon in the top right corner of your screen and tap settings

Step 3) Tap Advanced from the menu that appears

Step 4) Look for the Block pop-ups setting and make sure it’s enabled

After enabling this setting, your smartphone should never display another pop-up advertisement again.

How to Block Pop-Up Ads on Chrome

Chrome has a similar settings menu you can use to disable pop up ads forever:

Step 1) Open Chrome and tap the three dots menu in the top righthand corner

Step 2) Scroll down to Settings and tap it

Step 3) Scroll down to and tap on Site settings and then Pop-ups. Tap that option. By default, pop-ups are blocked on Chrome for Android. However, sometimes you may have changed settings inadvertently or a third party app may have edited your settings. If it says pop-ups are allowed, move the slider to change this option to Pop-ups Block.

Enable Data Saver on Google Chrome to Avoid Pop-Ups Forever

Sometimes, sneaky pop-ups will get through Chrome’s pop-up filters.

If you’ve noticed this becoming a problem, then you should try enabling Data Saver on Chrome, which prevents advertisements from using unreasonable amounts of data.

To enable data saver, follow these steps:

Step 1) Open Chrome and tap the three dots to access the settings menu

Step 2) Scroll down to Settings

Step 3) Tap Data Saver and push the slider in the top righthand corner from Off to On.

Data Saver is surprisingly helpful: it compresses all aspects of web pages that aren’t absolutely required on your mobile device. This almost always leads to a smoother, faster web browsing experience.

Of course, it also helps you save boat loads of data.

Install a Third Party Ad Blocker

There are plenty of third party ad blockers on the market.

adblock browser

Most of these ad blockers block more than just pop-ups: they block ads pretty much everywhere.

Adblock Browser, for example, is particularly popular. It’s not strictly an ad blocker. It’s an entire browser with built-in ad blocking. You’ll never see another pop-up ad again.

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