If you’re one of the early adopters of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+, then you may have noticed something weird: you don’t take a screenshot the way you normally would take a screenshot on many Android devices.

On the Galaxy S6 Edge+, you take a screenshot using the same combination of buttons you use on other Galaxy S devices:

Power + Home button

Hold those buttons for a few seconds, and you should hear a shutter sound and the screen on your phone should flash itself towards the top menu bar. Then, you can instantly check your screenshot from the notification tray.

This is the same combo used on other Samsung devices, so this is nothing new if you’ve used Samsung devices for your entire life.

If, however, you’ve used other Android devices, then you will have used the Power + Volume Down combination. Samsung is actually the only manufacturer that doesn’t use this combination. I’m not really sure why.

In any case, there’s another way to take a screenshot on your Galaxy S6 Edge+:

Hold your hand vertically and swipe it over your Galaxy S6 Edge+ screen (right to left or left to right, it doesn’t matter).

You should hear the same screenshot sound and see the image flash upwards into your notification bar.

This one doesn’t work every time, and it sometimes works with a horizontally-held hand. But your mileage may vary.

In any case, that’s how you take a screenshot on your Galaxy S6 Edge+.

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