Remix OS is a form of Android you can run on your PC. It lets you use Android over a slick, desktop-style interface.

Released at the start of January 2016, Remix OS is a cool toy any Android user should take for a spin.

Obviously, Android isn’t built for a keyboard and mouse. In fact, Android has never had mouse support – which is a key problem when getting the OS to run on a desktop.

That’s something that the developer of Remix OS, Jide, wants to change. Some of the desktop-like features in Remix OS include:

-A Windows-like desktop

-Windowed apps

-Shortcuts on the desktop

-System tray

-Start menu and taskbar

So far, the software is in a very experimental alpha version, so it’s far from perfect.

In fact, the Remix OS website claims that this version is “for developers and early adopters who don’t mind a bug or two.”

remix os

Yes, it’s a fun concept to play around with – but it’s not going to replace your desktop anytime soon.

Still, it’s cool to play with. Follow the instructions below to install it on your computer.

What You Need

-RemixOS for PC (download the 700MB install pack here)

-8GB USB stick with 20MB/s rewrite speeds (those speeds are recommended but not required)

-An x86-based computer (Remix OS is an x86 variant of Android, so you need an x86 computer (that means you can run it on most computers with Intel and AMD processors, but ARM-based computers like MacBooks won’t work).

-Boot-from-USB enabled (enable this option in BIOS so your desktop can boost from USB)

Step by Step Guide

Step 1) Insert your blank USB stick

Step 2) Extract the files in the Remix OS for PC .zip file

Step 3) Launch the Remix OS USB Tool executable file

Step 4) Click the Browser button next to ISO and choose the Remix OS .iso file

Step 5) Next to USB Disk, choose the drive letter linked to the USB stick you just plugged in

Step 6) Click OK

The Remix OS installer will start to put the required materials on your USB stick. The process takes a few minutes (slower on older computers), so don’t be alarmed if it starts to take a while.

Install the OS via USB

Once the USB stick has been created, plug it into your computer and restart, and remember to choose the Boot from USB option in your BIOS.

On startup, you’ll be able to use Remix OS in two modes:

-Guest Mode: Lets you preview Remix OS and all settings, apps, and data will be erased when you turn off your computer.

-Resident Mode: Treats your USB stick like a portable computer, which means your settings will be remembered on any computer you plug it into. All apps and files you download will be written to the USB stick.

That’s it! Once you’ve done that, you can enjoy the wide world of Remix OS.

remix os 3

There’s some immediately good and bad parts of the OS. First, the good part is that the apps can all scale to fit different window sizes.

The bad part is that most Android apps aren’t touch friendly, and they weren’t designed to be used with this kind of interface.

Still, it’s fun to download a few apps and play around.

If you can’t gain access to the Google Play Store (it doesn’t come preinstalled with Remix OS), then you can download reliable APKs from APK Mirror here:

Give Remix OS a look here:

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