In 2007, the world was introduced to the iPhone and we all lost our minds.

8 years later, you can buy a phone with similar specs to the original iPhone for $10 at Walmart.

It’s true: Walmart is selling a $10 touchscreen Android – and the specs aren’t nearly as bad as they should be given the price range. The phone is also sold contract-free.

The phone is called the LG Sunrise L15G. It’s under the TracFone prepaid brand. The Sunrise is the GSM version of the phone while the LG “Lucky” LG16 – also priced at just under $10 – is the CDMA version.

walmart cheap android 2

Thinking of picking up an Android phone for less than the price of a movie ticket? Here’s the tech specs you’ll encounter:

-3.8 inch 480×320 LCD screen

-Quad-core 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 200 SoC

-3MP rear-facing camera (no front-facing camera)

-1540 mAh battery

-4GB storage (although you only have “up to 1.15GB” of usable space)

Walmart doesn’t actually list the amount of RAM the phone has. I can’t imagine it would have any more than 512MB or 1GB of RAM – but even that could be ambitious.

In terms of connections, the phones have Wi-Fi B, G, and N as well as Bluetooth 4.0. Don’t expect to find NFC or 4G.

The phones run Android 4.4, which is a two year old version of Android. They also feature LG’s Android skin and feature full access to Google Play.

The phone is sold contract-free but it is locked to the TracFone prepaid service. Amazon lists the phone’s recommended sales price as $60 – so it appears that TracFone is doing some subsidizing here with the anticipation of making more money from prepaid package sales in the future.

Prior to Walmart’s $10 phone, the cheapest real phone money could buy was the $35 Firefox OS phone, exclusively sold in India.

Walmart, however, sells several other phones for under $10 – including a few flip phones in the $6 to $9 range (all of which are also locked to TracFone).

Check out the phone at Walmart’s online store here. At the time of writing, that phone was listed as the bestselling phone in the mobile phone store – it was also completely sold out with no news about when the phone would be back in stock.



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