Cortana is Microsoft’s friendly voice assistant app. After debuting on Windows platforms this past year, Microsoft has finally released Cortana for Android and iOS.

The good thing about Cortana for Android is that you might actually want to download it. The app features some cool things and directly integrates with Windows 10 – which means you get alerts on your Windows 10 desktop when things happen on your phone.

You can even send a text from your phone using Windows 10.

You can download Cortana for the iTunes app store here or for the Google Play Store here.

Meanwhile, here are some reasons you might want to download Cortana.

It Doesn’t Snoop Your Emails or Search History like Google Now

We’ve all been there with Google Now: you searched for Steph Curry once and now Google always wants to show you Golden State Warriors scores.

Or, you searched for hotels in Whistler six months ago and now Google constantly tells you how cold it is there.

cortana android 4

Cortana takes a different approach to getting to know you: instead of snooping through your emails and search history, Cortana lets you manually enter information through its Notebook feature. Access the Notebook feature like this:

Step 1) Open Cortana

Step 2) Swipe in from the left

Step 3) Tap Notebook

From here, you can add your specific interests, desired weather locations, and other information. Then, that info will pop up in cards on Cortana. If you favor a more minimalistic approach to personal assistant apps, then this is an easy way to customize everything exactly the way you like it.

You Can Set GPS Reminders to Buy Shampoo the Next Time You’re at Walmart

Every voice assistant app has reminders. It’s one of the central features of Siri and Google Now.

But Cortana has a cool feature where you can add location-based reminders. These reminders will go off when you reach a certain location.

Let’s say you’re close to running out of shampoo at home. You don’t need to get it immediately, but you should probably pick some up the next time you go grocery shopping.

You can tell Cortana “Hey Cortana, remind me to buy shampoo the next time I’m at Walmart” (or whichever grocery store you like).

Cortana will search for the nearest Walmart to your location and set a GPS alert at that spot. When you pull into the Walmart parking lot tomorrow, a week from now, or two months from now, you’ll receive an alert reminding you to buy shampoo.

cortana android 3

Set reminders by following these steps:

Step 1) Open Cortana

Step 2) Swipe in from the left

Step 3) Tap Reminders

Step 4) Tap the + icon

It Fully Integrates with Windows 10

If you’re already using Windows 10 on your PC, then Cortana is a great way to get more out of your new OS.

Cortana integrates nicely with Windows 10. When you install the Cortana app on your phone, you can sync your phone with your desktop.

That means you’ll see the same cards on your PC as you do on your phone. That stuff is the same stuff you can expect from Google Now.

cortana windows 10 android

But where Cortana really gets cool is how you can view phone notifications – like missed calls and text messages – without looking away from your computer. You can even send text messages from your computer and have them sent as they normally would through your phone.

CyanogenMod Users Get a Better Version of Cortana

Interestingly enough, Microsoft entered a special partnership deal with CyanogenMod earlier this year that promised to give CyanogenMod devices – like the OnePlus lineup – a special version of Cortana.

That version is expected to come with features like the ability to say “Hey Cortana” from any screen to access the app.

You will also be able to access new settings like Quiet Mode and additional networking features.

The reason why CyanogenMod users got a better version of Cortana is because CyanogenMod doesn’t have a built-in voice assistant like Google Now. Thus, CyanogenMod users might be the ones more excited for Cortana than anyone else.

That special version of Cortana should be released in December 2015 for OnePlus devices, while other CyanogenMod builds are expected to receive it in January 2016.

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