For years, Android users have been unable to record their screens without rooting or complicated workarounds.

Now, thanks to an app called Mirror, that restriction has been lifted. Mirror is currently available in Beta form on the Google Play Store, where it’s a free download.

The app’s key feature is being able to record your screen and download that video file to your device.

However, there’s more to this app that you might think: the app also lets you cast your screen to nearby devices like Chromecast or Apple TV.

mirror 2

The app only works on Android 5.0 for non­-rooted Android users. But people using rooted Android can download the app regardless of their Android version.

Mirror isn’t actually responsible for exploiting Android’s video recording lockdown. Google included the feature natively in Android 5.0. Still, Mirror was one of the first apps to take advantage of the new functionality.

Congratulations, Android users. You no longer have to worry about complicated workarounds, shady app downloads, or recording your Android screen using another smartphone with your shaky hands.

You can download Mirror for free from here:



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