Remember when toothbrushes didn’t need batteries or Bluetooth? Clearly, Oral-B wants us to forget about that past because it just released a smartphone app that could be the future of brushing your teeth.

Smart toothbrushes are nothing new for Oral-B. The company introduced smart toothbrushes in 2015 that could connect to your smartphone.

But in 2016, the company plans to take the world of smart teeth brushing a step further. Oral-B just introduced its new SmartSeries toothbrush at Mobile World Congress 2016.

That new model is called Genius. And, true to its name, it promises to be smart about the way in which you brush your teeth.

SmartSeries Genius Features

The key feature on the Genius is called Position Detection.

Position Detection Notes your brush’s location, pressure on teeth, and brushing time before offering feedback on how well you’re cleaning your teeth.

That’s right: your dentist is no longer the only one who will judge you on your teeth cleaning ability.

Over time, this feedback promises to enhance the way in which you clean your teeth. You check your smartphone daily (which is probably a more regular habit than brushing your teeth) to check how you’re doing.

The Genius comes with a holder. The idea is that when you’re cleaning your teeth with the toothbrush, you’ll put your phone in the holder in front of your on the mirror, letting the toothbrush and phone connect. Then, the sensors will tell you what you’re doing right and wrong.

If you start brushing with too much force, for example, the Genius will intelligently adjust its speed to optimize cleaning.

The brush also pulses while you clean, so you’re getting a pretty good clean regardless.

Have you survived with regular toothbrushes your whole life? Well too bad. Because Oral-B is bringing in a new era of toothbrushes. The Genius will go on sale in July 2016.

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