Legendary Android rooting developer Chainfire has released a new tool called SUhide Lite. The tool lets you hide the root status of your phone, making it easier to get Android updates and prevent Google from punishing your device.

The name is based off of SuperSU, which is one of the Android community’s most popular pieces of software ever. It lets you tweak virtually everything on your phone – it’s like a less user-friendly version of One Click Root.

In any case, SUhide Lite does exactly what you think it does. The tool will hide your device’s root status from Google’s SafetyNet software.

The update, which was released on August 10, 2017, works with Android for now. However, it could be disabled in the future by an update. For now, it seems to work beautifully.

SUhide Lite works a little like Magisk, but without the additional features. It just does a single thing: it hides the root status of Android. If you’re currently using Magisk, there’s no real reason to switch to SUhide Lite. It does the same thing.

SUhide Lite works with any Android 6.0 and later device, assuming your device has been rooted. It also seems to work best if you rooted it using SuperSU 2.82 SR2 or later.

Chainfire has admitted that SUhide Lite won’t work forever, and that carriers and manufacturers will always update their platform to detect new rooting methods. Chainfire has called the tool a “losing battle” and doesn’t appear to have any intentions of constantly updating the platform.

Nevertheless, SUhide Lite works for now – and that’s all we care about. You can download it today from the XDA Developers Forum.

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