If you’re like millions of new Galaxy S7 owners, then you’re probably wondering what cool stuff you can do with your new phone. Here are our top 10 favorite tips and tricks you can use today to get more out of your $800 toy.

7) Buy a Wireless Charger and Enjoy the World’s Fastest Wireless Charging

The Galaxy’s Quick Charge 2.0 technology isn’t just for wired charging anymore: Samsung has combined Qi Wireless charging with Quick Charge 2.0 technology to deliver charging speeds 1.4 times faster than the average Android. Buy a wireless charger to impress your coworkers or roommate. Samsung’s official charger is priced at $69.99 USD, but you can find other cheaper chargers available online or in-store.

6) Take Advantage of the Always On Display

The S7 has a neat feature called Always On Display (AOD) that leaves your display on all the time without impacting battery life. This technology activates individual pixels, using only minimal energy without activating surrounding black pixels. It uses almost no power while displaying helpful information on your lock screen – like notifications or a clock. You might find it actually saves battery life because you’re not checking your phone 50 times a day.

always on display

Activate AOD by going to Settings > Display > Always On Display > Toggle On in the top right corner > Content to show beside Clock/Calendar/Picture

5) Swear at OK Google

If you’ve ever tried to swear at your voice input system, then you probably end up seeing a lot of words like “ducking” and “sheet”. If you want to search in the same way you speak, then unblock offensive words. Both Samsung and Google enable this out of the box.

To unblock offensive words, go to Settings > Language and input > Google voice typing > Toggle Block offensive words off

4) Block Notifications from Certain Apps

We’ve all been there. You have an app you like, but it constantly floods your notification tray with pointless notifications. Fortunately, the S7 lets you easily prevent certain apps from doing this.

To disable app-specific notifications, go to Settings > Notifications > Toggle On/Off for each app.

You can also specific which notifications appear. Tap Advanced in the top right corner to toggle specific notifications, like popup notifications, lock screen notifications, and priority notifications.

You can also do this when you receive a notification. Tap and hold on the offending notification, then tap the “info” icon on the right and immediately toggle the notification off.

3) Customize Do Not Disturb Mode

Have you ever wanted your phone to shut up about most things while still letting important things – like phone calls from your mom – to go through? The S7 makes it easy to setup Do Not Disturb and customize it:

Settings > Do Not Disturb > Turn on now (silences everything until you turn it off)

You can also tap Turn on as scheduled to automatically toggle it on or off based on a weekly schedule.

Or, tap Allow Exceptions to give certain contacts and apps emergency access. Allow Exceptions lets you choose no exceptions, alarms only, or custom exceptions (like only contacts, calls, messages, apps, etc.).

2) Remove Apps from the App Tray

Android users have always enjoyed the ability to banish apps to their app tray or app drawer. Now, the S7 lets you actually remove apps from the app tray as well. You might want to do this to apps you never need or use, but cannot uninstall (like bloatware or pre-installed apps). To do that, follow these steps:

Open the app tray (the white icon with 9 dots) > Click Edit in the top right > Tap the minus sign ( – ) on apps to hide

If you want to completely remove these apps from your device, then you’ll need to root.

1) Root It

Yes, rooting voids your warranty. No, it’s not for everybody. But wow, does it ever expand the functionality of your device. If you’re the type of person who likes to tinker with electronics, then you can install Xposed to customize literally everything on your S7.

Even if you’re not much of a tinkerer, then rooting popular phones like the S7 is easy enough for any Average Joe these days. Thanks to software like One Click Root, anyone who can click a left mouse button can root a phone.

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