Pokemon GO, after months of anticipation, has finally been released for Android and iOS devices.

The app appeared on the Google Play Store early on July 6, 2016, starting its rollout in Australia and New Zealand before eventually making its way to every other country on the planet.

The game is free to download and play. It uses an augmented reality system to populate your world with Pokemon. As you walk around the physical world, you’ll be able to discover Pokemon, battle other trainers, fight for control of Pokemon Gyms (found in special public locations in your area) and – as you might expect – catch ‘em all, which is the ultimate goal.

The game is made by a developer named Niantic, Inc. which is an ex-Google startup. That company’s previous experience included a similar map-based, GPS-powered game called Ingress. Pokemon GO uses a similar system but will undoubtedly attract a larger userbase with the huge brand recognition.

Publisher Nintendo, meanwhile, is celebrating its second mobile app endeavor after launching its social app, Miitomo, last year.

Pokemon GO Features

Some of the key features in Pokemon GO include all of the following:

-Join one of three times

-Battle for ownership of gyms in your local geographic area

pokemon go 3

-Walk around your neighborhood and wait for your smartphone to vibrate, which indicates there’s a Pokemon nearby

-Once you find a Pokemon, take aim and throw a Pokeball to try to catch it

-Certain types of Pokemon will appear near their native environments, like water Pokemon appearing by lakes, rivers, and oceans

-PokeStops can be found around the world at “interesting places like museums, art installations, historical markers, and monuments”, where you can stock up on PokeBalls and other necessary items

pokemon go 5

-Catch more-powerful Pokemon to complete your Pokedex

-Add Pokemon to your collection by hatching Pokemon Eggs based on the distance you walk (just like in the games)

-Help your Pokemon evolve by catching more Pokemon of the same type

-Assign a powerful Pokemon to defend a local gym against all other trainers

-Optimized for smartphones, not tablets

pokemon go 1

At the time of writing, Pokemon GO was not yet available in North America. However, that’s expected to change as we move past noon on July 6, 2016 (although we don’t officially know that).

In any case, this could be one of the most popular mobile games ever launched. We’ll keep you posted for more Pokemon GO tips, tricks, and strategies as we move forward.

In the meantime, download Pokemon GO for free here.

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