Reddit’s r/Android recently launched a thread titled, “What little feature on your phone do you love?” We’ve collected the best responses from that thread to help you find cool new features on your Android phone.

LG’s Knock Knock

/u/Zeroastros has this to say about his LG’s Knock Knock feature:

“Knock knock on my LG is awesome but there is also a feature (I don’t recall it’s name) that when the screen is off you can swipe down and hold and it’ll show you the time battery and notifications all at the top of the screen. I find this pretty neat when I want to check the time or if I have any notifications in a hurry”

LG’s Knock Knock lets you double tap your screen to wake up your phone whenever you like.

lg knock knock

Gif courtesy of AndroidCentral

Small Vibrations Make a Big Difference on the Xiaomi Mi Note

/u/LiGuangMing1981 appreciates the little things. His Xiaomi Mi Note vibrates when a call connects:

“The brief vibration it makes when a dialed phone call connects. That way you don’t have to hold it up to your ear unless you know there’s someone already on the other end.”

According to other users, this feature is also available on the Sony Z3 and the LG G3.

Moto X’s Wave Over Phone to Check Notifications Feature

/u/Husher appreciates being able to wave his hand over his phone to check the time or notifications:

“Being able to wave over my phone to check the time/notifications. I get sad when I accidentally attempt it on other devices.”

The Moto X lets you wave over your phone to wake the lock screen without actually touching any buttons. Husher also appreciated features like the “chopping” motion to turn on the flashlight and the flick to open the camera on the Moto X.

Moto X’s Shake to Open the Camera

In case you didn’t know, you can simply shake the Moto X to open the camera.

moto x

Moto Display is also popular (it’s the Moto X’s version of Active Display, also known as Ambient Display on the Nexus 6). No matter what you call it, it’s a feature that’s tough to give up when you switch to another phone. It quickly and easily displays information on your display without firing up the whole screen – it just activates a small part of it.

IR Blaster for Chromecast

Most Android users never touch their IR blaster. I know I don’t. But for some, like QandAndroid, it’s a priceless feature:

“IR blaster. I’ve got a Chromecast, and with both of them I never have to go up to the TV anymore.

Edit: I forgot the best part: you never have to touch a remote again.”

You can’t lose your remote if you never use it.

Control Your Phone with Your Eyes

The Galaxy S4 had a much-talked about feature where you could control your phone with your eyes. The phone’s sensor tracked your eye movement to push information around the screen – like scrolling through Reddit. Most people couldn’t get it to work, but some people love the feature:

“Galaxy S4. It has the whole “control the screen with your eyes” thing. I thought it was a gimmick at first. I keep it at my nightstand most of the time and use it for reddit and other news stuff. I can just hold it with one hand and perfectly scroll all over the place with my eyes. I’ve gotten use to it and it never has hiccups or any other problems.”

galaxy s4 eye control

Control your Phone Like Luke Skywalker with Touchless Controls

Like other users mentioned here, ZebZ loves his Moto X’s touch control and voice control features.

“Moto X touchless controls – I can do a Jedi hand wave to check notifications. I also like the motion controls like the “open a doorknob” motion to switch to camera mode or “karate chop” to turn on the flashlight. And the voice controls where I can say “talk to me” and it will read me incoming texts for the next 30 minutes or “what’s up?” for it to tell me what notifications I have.”

Notification LEDs

Different notification LED colors mean different things. Facebook is green, for example, and you know that you can safely ignore a buzz when you see the white notification icon (for Google+). I’m not the only one who appreciates notification LEDs:

The notification LED. My first smartphone was the Nexus S. I remember people griping that it didn’t have a notification LED. It didn’t seem like a big deal to me since I had never had a phone with one. Now that I have one, I think it would be really hard to go back. Paired with lightflow it’s awesome to see what type of notification has come in while the phone is on my desk.

That comment comes from /u/shoegoo.

led notification android

Surfing Reddit While Watching a Video through Multiwindow

The Galaxy S series, the LG G4, and other smartphones have a multiwindow feature that lets you separate two apps into half of your screen each. Most people don’t use this feature to its full potential, but the people that do use it, like /u/HnNaldoR, love it a lot:

“Multiwindow. Watching a video and surfing reddit.”

Unfortunately, LG and Samsung are the only two major manufacturers that currently support this feature on their Android smartphones.

If you’ve learned anything from this article, you’ve learned that the Moto X is one of the best Androids in terms of little features that make r/Android users happy.

What small things make you happy about your Android? Let us know in the comments section below!

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