One of the best things about rooting Android is that you get to customize your phone in more ways than ever before. A tutorial recently appeared online explaining how to replace your Android home button with an animated GIF. Yes, it’s really possible.

As per this tutorial on the XDA Developers Forum, replacing your home button with an animated GIF isn’t even that difficult.

That tutorial comes from XDA Recognized Themer Ticklefish, who wanted to add a little animated GIF to the home button on the software navigation bar. You’ll obviously need root access to your device in order to complete this tutorial.

If you’re expecting a quick and easy upgrade, then this tutorial may not be the right choice. After decompiling SystemUI.apk, you’ll need to make some changes, then recompile the same file before putting everything back where it belongs. The end result is an animated GIF file that plays on loop instead of your home button.

Ticklefish’s demo shows a cat running in place instead of your home button. However, Ticklefish has posted a number of other options available, including flags, Street Fighter characters, and Stitch from Lilo and Stich.

I’m not going to steal Ticklefish’s thunder. You can view the developer’s full tutorial on replacing your home button with an animated gif at the XDA Developers Forum here.

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