Every day, thousands of Android users choose to unlock their phone’s full potential by rooting it. However, a growing number of users are also rooting their Android smartwatches.

Should you root your smartwatch? Is it difficult? What’s the point? Today, we’re explaining a few quick things you need to know before rooting your Android smartwatch.

5) It’s Possible Using ADB Over Bluetooth

The first and most important thing to know about rooting your Android smartwatch is that “it’s possible”. Yes, you can root your Android smartwatch. In fact, you can root pretty much any Android device in the world.

With an Android smartwatch, you’re most likely going to root it over your watch’s Bluetooth connection (the same one it uses to connect to your phone). Just run ADB over that Bluetooth connection and you’re in.

4) It’s Easy

Most manufacturers put some restrictions on your smartphone to make it difficult to root.

Manufacturers aren’t as active when it comes to restricting smartwatch rooting, however. That’s why rooting a smartwatch isn’t as hard as you think. In fact, many people agree that it’s easy than rooting an average Android smartphone or tablet.

3) You Can Do Some Cool Stuff

You can do way more cool stuff when you root an Android phone or tablet. But there are still some cool things you can do with a rooted smartwatch. For example, you can run any APK file on your watch, which means you can install pretty much any app on your watch.

Keep in mind that the small screen makes it pretty much impossible to use most APKs and the apps that are bundled inside, but hey, it’s still a pretty cool thing to do – especially as smartwatches get better and better resolutions.


If you don’t want to install an APK, then you may want to change certain watch settings. Some people go into their smartwatch’s root directory and adjust the vibration intensity, for example. Some watches let you adjust the brightness to a dimmer or brighter setting than you’re normally allowed.

2) Or Install Custom ROMs and Kernels

In the early days of smartwatches, some Android users would root their smartwatch, replace the default with their own custom ROM or kernel, and expand the functionality of the device. Here’s how Reddit user /u/Miadhawk did:

“On your urbane, because it has charging/data pins you could flash a custom kernel.

Back when I had the GWR and the latest Android Wear update was debuted and for a little while exclusive to the Urbane, a custom ROM/kernel brought WiFi functionality earlier than LG did.”

You won’t be able to get over the air updates with your custom smartwatch kernel, but it’s very easy to flash back to stock once an update is out. So if you want to expand the functionality of your smartwatch and you found a custom ROM that does a better job, then rooting and installing a new ROM/kernel can get the job done.

1) Or Just Install an App that Lets You Change All Smartwatch Settings Easily

There’s actually a smartwatch app specifically designed for rooted watches. The app can be used to change certain non-rooted settings, but most of its cool features require rooting.

That app is called Advanced Settings for Watch and it’s free from the Google Play Store.

Some of the nifty features on the app include changing vibration intensity, removing apps from watch (without using your phone or PC), disabling system apps, changing system language, changing date and time settings, and changing LCD density.

Ultimately, people root smartwatches for the same reasons they root smartphones and tablets: you can replace the default software with custom software. You can uninstall native apps or replace system apps. And you can fully control every setting and customization option on the device. What’s not to like about rooting your Android smartwatch?

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