The Samsung Galaxy S6 was just released. Reviews are pouring in for the newest flagship smartphone. To make your life easier, we’ve decided to collect quotes from some of the most important reviews.

Here’s what everyone’s saying about the Samsung Galaxy S6:

CNET Calls it “The first great smartphone of 2015”

We’ll start with one of the most pro-Apple review websites on the internet today. CNET has always favored Apple products while trashing Android and Windows Phone devices. They’ve gotten a little better in recent months, but are still decidedly pro-Apple.

galaxy s6 2

That’s why their positive review for the Galaxy S6 is all the more surprising. They called the Galaxy S6 the “first great smartphone of 2015” and praised Samsung for its “decluttered take on Android 5.0”.

They also liked the new glass-and-matte metal body, which makes the phone look and feel more like an iPhone 6 in terms of quality.

CNET didn’t like everything about the Galaxy S6: they say it “looks embarrassingly like the iPhone 6”. They also talk about how longtime Android fans will really hate the fact that the battery is non-removable and there’s no microSD slot.

Android Authority Claims the S6 “Delivers the change we’ve been waiting for”

What do hardcore Android fans think of the Galaxy S6? Android Authority claims the S6 “finally brings to the table what you’d expect from a high-end flagship with the Galaxy S6.”

Key benefits of the S6 include the superior metal construction, the stunning quadHD 5.1-inch screen, and the 16MP camera which performs will in “all but the dimmest lighting conditions.”

The controversial TouchWiz interface has also been dialed back and “is the smoothest yet.”

The S6 isn’t a perfect smartphone, however. As expected, Android Authority doesn’t like the lack of expandable storage and the unremovable battery. The phone is also no longer waterproof – which was a nice feature on the Galaxy S5.

galaxy s6 3

Ultimately, Android Authority gives it a 9.0 out of 10 and an Editors’ Choice award.

Droid-Life Says “You should probably buy this phone”

Droid-Life echoed many of the sentiments in the other two reviews listed here. They love the crisp display and the toned-down TouchWiz interface, but they didn’t like the lack of waterproofing, the unremovable battery, and the missing expandable storage slot.

Droid-Life also talked about how the price point ($199 on contract and $599 off-contract, plus $100 extra on each of those prices if you buy the Edge) makes the S6 the most expensive flagship on the market today.


Nevertheless, Droid-Life was overwhelmingly positive in its review and summed up its Galaxy S6 review with the following:

“You should probably buy this phone. In fact, if you have an upgrade available or are in the market for a new smartphone, why aren’t you buying the Galaxy S6? That’s probably the correct question at this point. The Galaxy S6 features the best display in a smartphone, along with the best camera, best build quality, and is the most futureproof.  The Samsung Galaxy S6 is not only the best phone available today, it’s going to be for a long time.”

Financial Post  Awards The S6 8.5/10

Some of the most interesting reviews come from the non-tech websites. The Financial Post, for example, wrote a comprehensive review on the Galaxy S6 and awarded it an 8.5 out of 10.

finacial post

Key points from the Financial Post’s review include:

“The Galaxy S6 is arguably the first smartphone Samsung has ever released that looks and feels great, and also packs enough horsepower to justify its price tag.”

“…these design upgrades have come at a cost: the device’s battery is now sealed into the phone, it doesn’t include a SD card slot and the device also is no longer waterproof – all issues that don’t bother me, but could be a problem for hardcore Android users.”

Ultimately, the Financial Post sums up its review by mentioning that this is the S6 “Samsung fans have been waiting for.”

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