Have you ever received a notification and thought, “This is important, but I really can’t deal with it right now”?

And then you check the notification, read it, and ignore it for later because let’s face it: the game is way more important right now.

And then your friend yells at you because you missed their birthday party. Or your boss gets mad that you haven’t responded to the email three days later.

I can’t be the only one.

In any case, Android app Boomerang wants to solve this problem by taking an inbox-like approach to notifications. You can save notifications for later, ignore it for now, and send it back into the world, where it will eventually “boomerang” back into your inbox – hopefully at a better time.

How It Works

You install Boomerang, and it will ask for access to your phone’s notifications. Obviously, Boomerang needs this in order to work.

Once that’s done, the app will actually ask you if it wants to handle all notifications, or only notifications from certain apps. Most people only need to “boomerang” notifications from certain apps, while other notifications (like calls) may want to go right through.

boomerang 2

If you select individual applications, then you’ll see a list where you can check boxes beside your desired apps.

After setting that up, you’ll see a tutorial that walks you through how Boomerang works. It’s pretty straightforward.

Once that’s over, you’re done! You can easily turn Boomerang off at any time, then activate it – like say, when you’re studying or working.

How to Boomerang a Notification

When you receive an incoming notification from one of your pre-selected apps, you’ll have the option to boomerang that notification.


Once you’ve boomeranged a notification, you can view it from within Boomerang or from your notification shade (you’ll see a “Boomerang” window and then your boomeranged notifications under that).

Download Boomerang today and start clearing clutter from your mind. It’s available from the Play Store here.

Screenshots courtesy of AndroidPolice.com

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