Privacy is one of the biggest trends in the app world these days. With many users concerned about government snooping, app developers have found a niche by marketing themselves as high-end security products.

A new app called Wire created by former Skype technologists claims to be one of the most secure text and video messaging platforms available today.

That platform promises end-to-end encryption for all video communications sent through the app – including by video.

The app was created by a 50 person startup made mostly of engineers – including many former Skype technologists and a former Skype co-founder.

Different from Facebook, WhatsApp, and Similar Messaging Apps

You may be thinking, “Aren’t all messaging apps encrypted in some way?”

In reality, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and other messaging apps only encrypt the message for part of its journey, or they only encrypt the message for a specific set of services.

Wire, meanwhile, encrypts the message and all data from end to end.

Everything You Need to Know About Wire

-The app relays communications through a network of cloud computers

-User communications, however, are stored in encrypted form on their own devices

wire messaging 2

-The app delivers privacy protections that are always on, even when the senders and receivers use multiple devices (like a phone or desktop at the same time)

-Everything that you send through the app is encrypted, including voice and video calls, texts, pictures, graphics, and “all the content you can send”, according to one company executive

-The company is led by Executive Chairman Janus Friis, a Danish entrepreneur who co-founded Skype, which was released all the way back in 2003 before being sold to Microsoft

-Wire is based in Switzerland

The first version of Wire was released back in 2014, but people paid little attention: the app only offered encrypted calling and texting, which was the same service provided by a dozen other apps. The app was, however, praised for its crystal-clear voice quality.

Then, the app released encrypted end-to-end video communications and the world start to take notice.

Another advantage of Wire is that the encryption protocols are based on standard, open-source encryption techniques. So outside security researchers can look at these encryption standards and independently evaluate their security – instead of relying on trusting the developer.

Wire has also been praised for protecting the users from advertising. Wire does not yet have a revenue stream. Like many startups, it’s seeking to grow rapidly before discovering a sustainable business model later.

Download Wire today for free from the Google Play Store here.

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