If you grew up drooling over your friend’s clear Nintendo controllers and Gameboys, then you’ll appreciate this case mode one guy did on his Galaxy Note 5.

That guy is Redditor /u/Skarface08, who posted a video and pictures on Reddit’s /r/galaxynote5 subreddit earlier this week.

That picture immediately attracted the attention of thousands of users. How much did he pay for the clear case? Where you can buy one?

clear gameboy

The answer? He paid nothing for the clear case: he made it himself simply by scraping away the black plastic film on the back of his phone.

How to Perform this Mod at Home

Surprisingly, all you need to give your phone this unique mechanical look is a heat gun, a strong suction tool, and a razor blade.

That’s all Skarface08 used to create the mod. In his own words, this is what he did:

“You first have to heat it up. I use a Ecoheat gun that gets it really hot, the use a suction cup to pry the back off. After that you let it cool off a bit and take off all the film with a razor blade. Then i just stuck it back on the phone because there was already adhesive on the actual device.”

Basically, you heat up the back of your Note 5, use a suction tool to gently remove the back cover, then use a razor blade to peel away the colored film. You put it all back together and it looks good as new.

The trick only works on the back plate because the front plate is secured with adhesive holding. Yes, you could scrape away the plastic black color. But instead of looking at the interior mechanics of your smartphone, you’d only see boring adhesive padding.

So far, this mod has been confirmed to work on the Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge:

galaxy s6 clear

It’s thought that any device with the same black plastic coating could also work with this mod. However, I wouldn’t recommend this unless you know exactly what you’re doing and don’t mind voiding your warranty.

See full pictures and video of the transformation at Skarface08’s OneDrive album.

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