Android Wear reached new levels of usefulness in 2015. A flurry of apps were released over the course of the year.

Did you just get an Android Wear device for Christmas? Here are some apps that will help you take full advantage of your new toy.

Do Button

The same guys who brought you IFTTT introduced an Android Wear app in 2015 called Do Button. The Do Button is available on regular Android but it added Android Wear support in 2015.

On Android Wear, Do Button basically makes the “if” part a button that you can tap any time on your wrist. You tap this button on your Android Wear device to perform that action.

Some of the examples given by the creators of the app including controlling Philips Hue lights, sending emails, making calls, and even causing your phone to ring with a dummy call from IFTTT (in case you need to get out of an awkward conversation).

Download the Do Button for free.

Field Trip

Field trip is a great way to learn about cool stuff that’s nearby. It’s been a popular Android app for a while. But just like the Do Button, it became a popular Android Wear app in 2015.

android wear field trip

Field Trip will make a card pop up on your Android Wear device when something cool is close by.

That card will display useful stuff about that “cool thing”: like a map and a link to open more information on your phone.

You can customize field trip to choose which types of locations appear and how often they appear.

You can download Field Trip for free here.

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Lightr is one of those simple apps that you wouldn’t think would be so useful – but it is.

You know how every once in a while, you need your Android backlight to stay on for more than the 6 or 10 second default? But you don’t want to go all the way into the settings to change that setting?

lightr android app

Lightr fixes that problem by giving you a backlit timer customization directly on your Android Wear device. you can choose to timeout your device anywhere from 5 seconds to 1 minute. If you buy the Pro Version ($1), you’ll get to increase Lightr’s backlit time to up to 5 minutes.

Download Lightr for free here (Pro Version upgrade $1)

Photo Gallery for Android Wear

Do we really have to explain what the app called “Photo Gallery for Android Wear” does?

This app creates a surprisingly good-looking photo gallery on your Android Wear device. As long as your Android Wear device isn’t super small and low-res, you should be able to get a good view of your gallery images.

photo gallery android wear

The app is free to try, but you’re restricted to 50 pictures per folder. You’ll need to pay $1.49 to view unlimited photos.

The app is free to download here.

Google Authenticator

We all know that 2 step verification is important, but most of us don’t bother doing anything about it. 2 factor authentication is available on most online services these days. Basically, it means you have to enter a code from your mobile device whenever you’re signing in from a new location or the site has detected suspicious activity.

android authenticator

Typically, that authentication delivers a code via SMS. With the Google Authenticator app for Android Wear, you can open the app on your smartphone and view the authentication code whenever you’re prompted.

The app is free to download and surprisingly easy to setup.



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