You interact with the Google Play Store regularly. But you probably don’t know that much about how to use the Play Store properly (no offense).

Here are the top 5 easiest ways to get more out of the Google Play Store:

5) Manage your App Updates

I don’t know about you, but my Android likes to wait until I pick it up before it starts to download 20 simultaneous Google Play Store updates.

Want to prevent this from happening to you? Take control of the Google Play Store by tapping Settings from within the Play Store app. Then, simply uncheck the box beside auto-update.

google play store tips 2

Want to control which apps get automatic updates and which apps don’t? You can choose to do that on an app’s page. Simply visit a particular app’s page on the Play Store, then check the box beside auto-update in the top right corner of the screen. You’ll only see this section after you’ve already downloaded an app.

4) Decide Whether or Not Apps Should Go to the Homescreen

By default, Android automatically assigns apps to the homescreen after they’re installed. You can easily change this setting, if you like.

Go to the Google Play Store Settings then, then uncheck the box that says Add icon to Home screen.

Obviously, if you want certain apps to appear on the home screen, then you can open the app drawer and drag and drop them manually.

3) Pre-Register to Download an Upcoming Game

Excited for the new Angry Birds game? Probably not. But if you’re excited for an upcoming app that has a scheduled release date, then you can actually pre-register to download that app before it’s released.

google play store tips 3

Apple had a similar option. Unfortunately, when you pre-registered, you also had to pay the full price of the app (if there was a price). With the Google Play Store, that’s not the case. You can pre-register, then receive a push alert when the app is ready.

2) Download Free Google Play Stuff Weekly

Google has recently started giving out lots of freebies for no apparent reason but because they want to be nice. On the Google Play Store, you’ll find a free new game in the Family section every week.

google play store tips

There’s no catch to downloading these apps. The only “catch” is that Google wants you to discover a new type of app or genre.

Google has also recently started giving away free movies, free books, etc.

To catch up on your free offers, open the Google Play Store on your phone and visit the My Account section. If there are any free update offers, you’ll see them.

Right now, some users will see a “free movie rental” coupon, for example, that lasts until April 20, 2016.

1) Consider Leaving Comments, Reviewing, or Donating to Apps You Like

The Google Play Store suffers from the same problem as every other review website: people only leave reviews when they either love an app or hate it. This leads to a heavy skew towards 5 star or 1 star reviews from people who may be biased towards the app.

google play store tips 4

Anyways, app developers really appreciate when you leave genuine comments, reviews, or a star rating on their app. There’s a reason Android apps repeatedly pester you to leave a review: it’s extremely valuable to the developer – especially if it’s a legitimately useful app that has suffered a flurry of one star ratings for stupid reasons from inexplicably angry users.

Oh, and one of the best parts of the Play Store for developers is that developers can respond to reviews on their app’s webpage, which lets them set the record straight on certain complaints or thank you for positive reviews.

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