Battery life is the number one complaint of smartphone users around the world. I don’t care whether you’re using an Apple or iPhone: most of us would improve our battery life if we could.

One of the main advantages of rooting is that you can boost your battery life using special root-only apps. Here are our top 5 favorite battery saving apps for rooted Android:

5) Juice Defender

Juice Defender is always one of the best battery saving apps to mention when you’re looking at root-only apps to improve your device. Juice Defender lets you control common connections, including mobile data, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, in order to boost battery life.

deep sleep battery saer

There are a few different preset modes available, including aggressive and balanced. You can toggle between modes easily.

One of my favorite features on Juice Defender, however, is choosing which apps are allowed to keep your screen on or turn it on. If you want your screen to stay on when you’re listening to Pandora, for example, and turn off when it’s on Google+, then you can do that with Juice Defender.

Juice Defender is free but also comes with a Plus ($1.99) and Ultimate ($4.99) version with added features.

4) Greenify

Technically speaking, Greenify isn’t a root-only app. There’s a version for unrooted Android users that attempts to do the same job.

But rooted Greenify is still your best option. Rooted Greenify will hibernate your apps when they’re not in use. Best of all, it does this automatically.


Greenify’s key auto-hibernate feature is not available on non-rooted devices. You have to manually hibernate your phone using a Hibernate Now shortcut. It’s an easy workaround, but not as easy as using Greenify on a rooted device.

Greenify is free and does not come with annoying advertisements. If you want to support the developers, you can do so by buying the $2.99 donation version.

3) Auto Pilot Mode

If you frequently travel in areas without cell service (say, during a long road trip), then you may notice that your cell phone’s battery life plummets.

That’s because your phone is constantly straining to find a new signal, often hopping between antennas on different mountains.

auto pilot mode

That’s where an app called Auto Pilot Mode comes in. Auto Pilot Mode is a free app that will automatically enable airplane mode when your cell signal is observed dropping below a certain threshold.

If you’re not going to get a good cell signal, then your phone will automatically enter airplane mode to preserve battery life. This app requires root access and can boot upon launch.

For those wondering, the app will automatically disable itself when you have an incoming or outgoing call: so it’s not just going to kick you off the network when you need it most.

2) Autorun Manager

If you’ve ever used the msconfig function to control startup programs on Windows, then you’ll really like the Autorun Manager for Android. This free app lets you control which apps start when your phone boots.

The app was formerly known as Autorun Killer. It lets you disable all the autostarting apps you don’t need. After installing this app for the first time, you’ll probably be surprised at the number of useless apps that start when your phone boots up.

autorun manager

You need to root your device in order to control startup apps. You also have to be careful which apps you stop – some apps are integral to your system, so make sure you do a quick Google Search before you disable too many things.

1) Deep Sleep Battery Saver

One of the best ways to extend your phone’s battery life is to optimize its sleep cycle. When your phone is sleeping, it shouldn’t be doing too much. That means you shouldn’t be draining too much battery.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Deep Sleep Battery Saver aims to solve that problem by putting your phone into a power-saving “Deepsleep mode” when it’s not in use.

deep sleep battery saer

In this mode, certain background tasks are stopped and your connections are disabled. The app re-enables your connections every few minutes to check for notifications before going back to sleep.

There are five different presets according to the amount of battery saving you want, including Gentle, Balance, Strong, Aggressive, and Slumberer.

Gentle wakes your phone up every minute to grab new messages, while Slumberer keeps your phone in deep sleep constantly until you pick it up.

Save Up to 3 Hours of Battery Life Using the Above Apps

Using one or more of the above apps can save anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours of battery life off an average day’s use.

In the case of apps like Deep Sleep Battery Saver, you can extend your phone’s lifespan by 24 hours or more – although your phone isn’t really being used during this hibernation.

Thanks to the apps listed above, battery life no longer has to be your number one Android complaint.

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