Quiz and trivia games are as old as the internet. Do you want to find the best trivia games for Android? Here are our top 5 favorite free quiz and trivia games for the world’s best mobile operating system.


This game might as well be called “Family Feud”. Your goal is to guess the most common responses to a common theme or phrase. Once you guess the correct answers that the top 94% of respondents chose, you move onto the next round.

For example, you might see a category like “Countries in Europe” and your goal is to name the top 10 or 15 countries most people associate with Europe.

There are hundreds of questions and over 100 levels in the game, and the developers are constantly adding new ones for free. The game is free to download, but has in-app purchases if you want to buy more hints.

Download 94% free from the Play Store.


PictoWord is one of the easier games on this list. It’s designed more as a family-friendly trivia game than as an ultra-challenging single player game.

In PictoWord, you’re given two images and you must guess the answer based on what you see. For example, you might see a picture of a rainy cloud and a bow and arrow. By putting the two words together, you get “rainbow”.

Download PictoWord free here. The game has in-app purchases but is otherwise free to use.


Quizoid comes with the creative subtitle “Trivia Quiz 2016”. The recently-released app comes with a free and paid version. The free version comes with 6,000 (!) questions along with the ability to play offline. The paid version, priced at $2.99, gives you an additional 3,000 questions and two more game modes plus more hints. Both versions are updated frequently.


The quiz app also comes with a minimalistic, slimmed-down interface with a basic black look – so it’s nothing fancy, just quiz questions.

You can download the free version of Quizoid here.


QuizUp reached its peak in 2014 but is still a decently fun game for trivia lovers – especially if you’re competitive with friends. QuizUp matches you with people from all over the world – or with friends – to answer trivia questions. There’s a stupidly high number of topics from which to choose – including everything from your favorite TV show to sports to ultra-specific geography questions.

Download QuizUp free here

Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack, like QuizUp, is a mainstay in the mobile trivia game world. Trivia Crack is packed with content and features a similar idea to QuizUp: you compete with people across thousands of questions, spinning a wheel to choose your category.

trivia crack

The main advantage of Trivia Crack is that you can play a few rounds at your own pace: if someone challenges you, then you can answer questions until you get one wrong, and then it sends the challenge back to them. You can casually play a game over a several day period.

Did we miss your favorite trivia game? Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll add it to the list!

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